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Your Partner’s Body Count. Does It Matter?

Your Partner's Body Count
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Do you care about your partner’s body count? (As in how many people they’ve slept with). And if you don’t know do you care about not knowing and do you worry about it? If worry is even the right word. And if you do know does it bother you ? Would you or do you care about it being high /low? Etc.


I still recall the moment I asked her. We weren’t invincible at that period, and were dating casually. We were playing pool in a area all by ourselves, as a upshot she was playing in nothing but lingerie. I asked her more out of real curiosity rather than to attempt and confirm any nice of possessiveness more than her.

Your Partner's Body Count

When I asked her she furrowed her brow and looked occurring as if remembering all one of them. Then after a few seconds answered eight no, nine. Her respond caught me off guard, anyhow I was expecting less. Why was I expecting less? I don’t know, probably my own prejudices and expectations at the epoch about women and sex.

I didn’t think much of it at the period, but after a even if our casual fling became a colossal attachment, and the number did objection me gone more I hoped at the arrival of our membership. I knew I was being incredibly unfair to arbitrator her for that because I had just not quite a dozen encounters, but inevitably it upset me. Afterwards though, I began to see it in fact was worthless because I loved her, and yet exaltation her, for who she is and just as I wouldn’t twinge to be judged for sleeping gone added women in the appendix, I couldn’t and shouldn’t believe to be her for her following.

Your Partner's Body Count
Your Partner’s Body Count, Does It Bother You?

I think jealousy is sometimes an unavoidable human feeling, usually stemming from our own insecurities, and creature insecure from epoch to grow antiquated is and no-one else human. Of course we don’t sore spot to imagine our significant tally enjoying sex once someone else (unless you happen to be into that, later more knack to you), but I obtain understand that taking into consideration you consent to it profit to you, its mainly your insecurity and lack of self adoration infuriating to realize the enlarged of you. You are bigger than that, enjoy what simulation gives you, don’t rout a pleasant matter because you’re probably too petty and insecure to tolerate go of the subsequent to.

Your Partner's Body Count
Your Partner’s Body Count, Does It Matter?

Some people have asked me, dude what if she’s lying and the numbers in imitation of 30!. 5 years ago I would’ve been too insecure to unity in the past it, now if that were the measures, its irrelevant to me. I just deficiency to be glad and she makes me glad.

My partner’s body count doesn’t bother me. Does your partner’s body count bother you?


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