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Women Are Drawn To Greatness

Women Are Drawn To Greatness
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Ray Charles was a blind nigga, all his women knew they were sharing, but there’s something about greatness that makes it impossible for women to leave. You can’t be Abbas Daniel, 25 from and expect loyalty from anyone until you become great.

Women Are Drawn To Greatness

Bob Marley’s wife was the one who he called, to come get the groupies out of his room. You’re going to leave Bob Marley?? Lol, and marry who?

Beyonce would have left if she was married to CeeLo Green because there’s an upgrade, who you gonna upgrade Jay Z with, I don’t think Kendrick is into cougars.

Women Are Drawn To Greatness
Beyonce and Jay Z

And the OG himself, Fela. His women used to block each others path to his room fighting over who’ll be with him for the night. He was/is a legend and women are drawn to greatness.

If your woman leaves you, its because she doesn’t see greatness in you. She has identified an upgrade. Women are drawn to greatness, they’ll flock around you.

But i know some people will comman make noise under this post because they fucked Ajebutter once and he stopped picking their calls. And that’s one average nigga. But you risked your whole relationship for one night with him.

Mandela had bitches! Steve Biko had an house wife and a political wife, both in love with greatness.

Women love greatness. Women are loyal to greatness, women will never leave greatness. Every woman that you heard left, was sent away.

And guys don’t dull, your girlfriend wouldn’t bat an eye lid if the chance comes to be with a Davido/Wizkid for just one night. She’ll think she would but if the chance actually comes, you’re OYO.

Women Are Drawn To Greatness

And this is not even about good women or loose women. Its about how all women, every single one of them is drawn to greatness. Nobody likes a mediocre.

God don’t like ugly. Ciao!

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