Will I Go To Hell if I Refuse to Go to Church?


This is a tricky though straight forward question that deserves a simple yes or no answer! Will I Go to Hell if I Refuse to Go to Church?

Let’s Find out what the Bible Says…
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I am a not that much of a preacher but I am just privileged to educate you on a few things by the Grace of God.
I am therefore careful how to approach your question. I will attempt to use the little I know about the Bible to answer your question.

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Hell was originally made only for the devil and other falling angels. It was not meant for human beings. It is depravity of men that change the purpose of hell. While I believe in gospel of love, you also have to realize that there are consequences for your actions.

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It is a universal law of general applications that what you sow, you will reap. I am afraid I am a conservative preacher and believe there is consequence for sin. But if you are forced to serve God because of fear of hell, in my own opinion you may not be an effective Christian. I rather you say, I am running away from sin because I do not want to offend God that loves me so much.

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Let’s put it this way. You have an earthly father. You know if you do his bidding which you consider are reasonable, he will love you more. God is your heavenly Father.

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If you work on your relationship with your earthly father, you can be in his good book and not look at the whipping of your father. So shift your attention from your heavenly father’s whipping…hell.


On the issue of church. Also using the analogy of your earthly father, won’t he be happy if you visit him at home as often as possible? The church is your heavenly father’s house. David said I was glad when they say let us go to the house of God . Psalm 122:1

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I however understand that a lot of Americans no longer go to church because many of us preachers are now living hypocritical lives. “Do as I say not do as I do”. We are now driving young people from God because of our ‘crazy’ lifestyles. We have turned the church to a business with husband and wife and friends as partners!

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We have lowered God’s standards so that the corrupt, the thief, the drug dealer, the crooked businessman can be comfortable so that we can take their dollars and do not give a damn about their souls!

Make the Right Choices

Be comforted that there are still some few preachers who will not bow to “idol” 1 Kings 19:18. If you are sincere in your heart, your responsible is to actively seek for the right preacher. May the Holy Spirit direct you to the right church.

My parting Scripture that I encourage you to read is Hebrews 10:25.(The Living Translation).

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