Why I Broke Up With Deanna

In 2012 I met this girl; we will call her Deanna. She was absolutely smoking hot. Really nice body and beautiful face. Everywhere we went, boys and girls would trip over themselves to have a look.


I was a musician and it was fairly easy for me to attract even the most beautiful (but usually crazy) women. I started dating Deanna and we were having a great time. She loved sex and was unstoppable and insatiable. I have a very healthy sex drive so it was just fantastic for me to have this seemingly perfect arrangement.

As the first year progressed, she asked me if I would be interested in going to a “Swingers” club with her “just to watch” she said. I have never done anything like that and frankly did not know such clubs even existed. So I said sure, why not. A few days later she told me the club requires us to supply a certain amount of personal information and an orientation interview to be sure we were not there to cause them any harm.

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I reluctantly supplied the information. The Friday night came, we went… The owner walked us through multiple rooms. They had the “Red Room” which was more private fucking spaces (only separated by white thin curtains).

Also there was the “Orgy Room” where they had three giant mattresses with no less than three to five people on each one going at it. Next there was the “Voyeur Room” and I assumed this is where we would be spending most of our time. This room was somewhat like the orgy room except it had lots of couches and chairs to watch the action.

The last space was a rather decent patio area that had 3 hot tubs as well as one giant bed in the corner. People were fucking everywhere out there and frankly everywhere in the place. Even the locker room…

As if attending this place was not naughty enough to be my answer… We had a few drinks and Deanna wanted to go into the Voyeur Room. I was happy to oblige.

We took up residence on one of the couches and I remember sitting there looking around thinking the smell of sex was strong. Additionally, only one out of every three or four people were even halfway decent to look at. Most were middle aged perverts and their worn down wives. But there were a few really hot chicks there and some good looking dudes. Of course, I had no interest in any dudes.

As we sat there, Deanna motioned for me to go to the bar with her. I went and after our drinks were served we were standing near the bar when this couple walks up.

This chick was unbelievably hot and her husband (I assume) looked nice too. I knew if the dude was not good enough for Deanna, then I should not show even the slightest interest in the girl. They introduced themselves. We will call her Zoey and him John.

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Zoey had what one could only describe as a stripper body. Young, hard and beautifully constructed fake tits. John zeroed in on Deanna right away and had captivated her. I was somewhat jealous I must say, however I was intrigued by Zoey.

Sensual couple (GETTY IMAGES)

Zoey was wearing some super short shorts and a loose button down shirt with no bra. Her big tits were easy to see and I really wanted to see them. I guess she must have sensed that because out of nowhere she unbuttoned the shirt and displayed them to me.

My dick was already hardening and she noticed that as well. My head was spinning. So John asked Deanna, Zoey and myself if we wanted to go to the Voyeur Room and everyone agreed. So, when we got in there, Zoey took all of her clothes off as did John. Deanna had quite a bit to drink so she stripped immediately as well.

Zoey looked at me like she was waiting… I just froze. She walked up and started removing my pants and exposed me. She then got on her knees and started giving me the most incredible head. I was almost scared of what Deanna’s thoughts would be but by the time I turned around to gauge her reaction I see her sucking the life out of John’s dick. So, at that point I no longer gave a shit.

Zoey and I got on to one of the beds and Deanna and John jumped on next to us. Zoey and I were doing “69” and I was a little surprised at myself not knowing where this pussy had been all night (or all her life for that matter). Deanna was still giving one of her signature blowjobs to John. At this point I put on a condom and started ramming Zoey.

I had her in multiple positions. She came and came again. I was loving seeing those tits moving around as I delivered forceful thrust after thrust. At this point I noticed Deanna get up a little pissed off. I then noticed John wiping down his tool. He had just ejaculated in her mouth and did not satisfy Deanna. So I knew I had to finish fast which I did.

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I was done for the night. However, before it was over, Deanna had fucked five dudes, two of them took her in the ass. She swallowed a gallon of cum and needless to say, I blocked her number and never spoke to her or saw her again. That was ONE LONG quiet drive home that night!

And that, folks, is why i broke up with Deanna!

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