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Why Do You Fall In Love With Your Best Friend?

In Love With Your Best Friend
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Why do you fall in love with your best friend? Friends are the reflection of what we are, friends are the one who know all about you that even your parents don’t. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship one make in its life. So, falling in love with your best friend is very common.

Here it is… Why do you fall in love with your best friend? One of the complicated theories in the world. Let’s start with who a best friend is.

This is the one with whom you share the strongest possible kind of friendship, the one who treats you differently than the rest of the world, the one who stays up talking to you all night when you just want someone to talk to, the one who will show up the day after a big fight to make sure the friendship is okay, the one who reminds you of your strengths, and shows you your weaknesses.

In Love With Your Best Friend

The one who gives you a tight slap and drags you back to the right path when you have gone astray, the one who promises to be with you through thick and thin all throughout your life.

And…there comes the twist in the story

The thought of losing this person. To be specific, the thought of losing this person to someone else. This is very normal in every kind of friendship. In case of friendships involving opposite sex, we tend to live with these thoughts.

Some people develop feelings of love, AND hope that the other person reciprocate the same feelings. This hope sometimes tears up your heart.

This is the most frightening barrier, a friendship like this, encounters. Those feelings become so intense as you travel on the sine curve of “That person Likes me/Likes me not”.

In Love With Your Best Friend


It’s okay to have feelings of love because of the bond you share with your best friend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are in love. How does that shift happen? It’s when you finally admit that you are in love with your best friend.

And if you want to know you are ready to admit that you are in love with your best friend or not, then think of the intimacy you both are going to share if you both take this friendship to the next step.

If those thoughts make you feel complete and feels like you found the purpose of your life, then go ahead take that risk. Sometimes it’s worth it. You might end up like CHANDLER and MONICA. (But make sure that you are not fluctuating on the sine curve but on an exponential curve)

If those thoughts of intimacy make you feel awkward or uncomfortable, My friend, get off the sine curve right now and start traveling on a straight line. Let it remain as a sweet nothing. Don’t spoil the sweetest relation you ever had, over some temporary feelings. Remember how hard it was for RACHEL and JOEY, to upgrade their friendship?


There is not one reason of falling in love with your best friend and if your best friend is of opposite gender then definitely once in a while you would see a perfect match in that person. Telling that person about your feelings depends on the circumstances and the feelings of both the persons.
Some friends are meant to be friends, forever.

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