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Who is Winning the Afro Dance Battle? The Incredible Zigi vs DanceGod Lloyd

Afro Dance Battle Incredible Zigi Dancegod Lloyd
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AFROSAGES – The question of “Who is winning the Afro Dance Battle?” is one we ran a poll for, and the verdict might not be far from your predictions. The Incredible Zigi or DanceGod Lloyd?

afro dance battle poll
Afro Dance Battle Poll

AFROSAGES went behind the sampled audience poll verdict, did a background check of their lives beyond the throwing of hands, feet and body shaking into the impact they are making in society with their crafts and influence.

Twitter poll by AFROSAGES placed the Incredible Zigi placed 6 percentage points ahead of the DanceGod Lloyd. Does this confirm your predictions or reflect your thoughts?

The Pilolo Dance

Worthy of note is that Incredible Zigi is the dancer to compete with here because of his global influence and appeal.
This is based on the style and nature of his dance, ranging from the rigour, foot works, body movement, consistency and energy and above all ability to create signature dances; remember “Kupe” and “Pilolo”?

So it really has less to do with who is well know on the home grounds; what the Ghanaian usually refers to as “local champion”. Incredible Zigi is in the lead and our interpretation of the polls means Zigi offers a lot more than the dance.
Fairly, let’s quickly brush through the two acts individually looking at their dance consistency and influence so far in their craft, content and impact on society.

Innovations and Dance Creations

Incredible Zigi – Pilolo, Obama and Kupe(Global Domination and featured on NBA 2K20)
Dancegod Llyod – Shoo and Agbelemi(self claimed)


The interesting thing is that both the Incredible Zigi and Dancegod Lloyd has songs with same title and featuring mainstream musical arts. For an funny reason both songs bear the same title; “Agbelemi”. Is this to show who has the best tune? No, it is to show whose tune has the able rhythm to ginger someone to move their feet and body.

Agbelemi by the Incredible Zigi

Mr Drew ft Dope Nation x Incredible Zigi – Agbelemi

Agbelemi by Dancegod Lloyd

Dancegod Lloyd ft Article Wan – Agbelemi

The Dancegod Lloyd claims to be the creator of the “Agbelemi Dance” steps as he was seen in a video by ChopDaily teaching the steps to the YouTube fans.

Dancegod Lloyd teaches Agbelemi Dance

You are the judge of this, so who does it better and which of the songs gets you into your dance mood?

Dancegod Lloyd ft Drejosey – Long Distance

Dancegod Lloyd bags another song telling the tales of his love adventures as he featured Drejosey in a song titled “Long distance”

Who is winning the Afro Dance Battle on the Streets?

Both acts are known on the street for making moves and entertaining folks with their amazing steps. Incredible Zigi however stands tall as he is know to be able to relate with the street better despite his international appeal and aura. His AFROZIG Movement was born from the street and still remains on the street to get the dancers on the streets paid from their crafts.

The Dancegod Lloyd never dulls though its not a challenge for the top spot, he sure lives his signature on the street selling the name of Ghana to the world.

Influences with Positive Impact on Society; Incredible Zigi or Dancegod Lloyd?

In the quest to make an impact on the world, both acts have done pretty much for their communities. Incredible Zigi is for a fact on his AFROZIG Movement by Empowering Street Dancers across Ghana and Africa.

Dancegod Lloyd is on same mission of uplifts the crafts from the streets he hailed from with his DWP Academy which is adored by many.

On the front of influence with impact, the Incredible Zigi stands tall. Don’t you agree?

Final Verdict

We stand with the poll as a reflection of the voters and award Incredible Zigi as the winner of the Battle of the Afro Dance. The below video could prove our point better.

It’s your turn to judge and tell us who your winner is…
… the Incredible Zigi or the Dancegod Lloyd?

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