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When My Boyfriend First Met My Parents

My Parents
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Shortly after I started dating my boyfriend, I brought him home to meet my parents. I introduced them, it seemed to go well and then we left to go on our date.

What I didn’t know at the time was that when I introduced my boyfriend to my parents, they recognized his last name as soon as they heard it. I found this out after I got home from my date.

The reason why they knew his last name was because his father and my father had had negative business interactions many years earlier. They never made me feel bad about dating my boyfriend nor did they try to interfere in any way. They actually liked him.

When I met my boyfriend’s parents for the first time, his dad recognized my last name right away! He said that he knew my father, but he did not say how. I KNEW HOW! After we left the house for our date, I filled my boyfriend in on the details.

His parents treated me very nicely and we dated for two and half years. Then, we got engaged. We knew that our parents would now have to meet! It was a little nerve wracking not knowing how it would go, but our dads ended up having ONE civilized conversation about the past, acknowledged it and put it behind them for the sake of their children.

I was so impressed with them because they acted like adults should and they never tried to negatively interfere with our relationship. Not only did our parents accept our engagement but we were both welcomed into each other’s families with open arms!

My Parents

Over the years, our parents became friends and went out socially. When my father got sick and became bed ridden, my in-laws would regularly go over to my parent’s home to visit. My mother-in-law would chat in the kitchen with my mother over a cup of coffee while my father-in-law would talk business and have stimulating conversations and debates with my dad, which he loved!

They were so kind and compassionate towards my parents in their time of need, which meant the world to me. After my father died, they continued to include my mom in many social gatherings and celebrations. The mutual care our parents showed towards each other was truly inspiring. This is how it should be!

On a side note, on that very first night that my parents met my future husband, the second we walked out of the house and closed the door behind us, my mom turned to my dad and said “She’s going to marry him!”

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