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When God Speaks

When God Speaks…

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The other day I was taking a walk and was wondering if my life really mattered. I was wondering when I would finally do “big things” commensurate to my capacity. I was feeling small and like I was living beneath my potential.

Then God said in the calm manner in which he speaks, “Elorm, you are living a purposeful, progressive and productive life. I have something bigger in stock for you”

I wanted to ask, “How?” but I decided to chew on the compliment and assurance first.

That conversation made me think about how much of who I am is due to people believing in me. Whether parents, God, mentors or friends. People look to social media for validation, perhaps because there’s no one else validating them.


You need to encourage and acknowledge the people around you. Do so in specific ways. Don’t just say, “Well done.” Tell them the particular way in which they are special or worthy of praise. It goes a long way in building confidence and self-esteem.

Recently, someone commented about my writing on social media and it lifted my spirits. He didn’t know that just two days ago, I wondered if I was just rambling online, as I don’t seem to have a “theme” or “structure”. What he said encouraged me.

Many people don’t know that the only reason I haven’t yet freaked out in fear and anxiety regarding life, is because of the daily conversations I have with God. Just hearing him speak or reading something in the Bible that’s relevant to my situation keeps me centred.

My relationship with God is crucial to my mental health. I know it. He knows it. No one is forming.

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