What’s The Stupidest Thing You’ve Done For Love?


Hello Elorm, keep me anonymous. Ah, love. It’s one of the most amazing things humans can experience in their lifetime. For whatever reason/s, we sometimes convince ourselves to do the stupidest things all in the name of love.

Love IS Stupid
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I graduated from the university two years before my then-girlfriend and was obligated to move across the country for a military assignment. It was the first time we’d been long distance. In six months I was only able to visit her twice (we video on Skype), but we spoke on the phone every day.

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She called me and ended things just before December saying that she couldn’t do it anymore and she felt like we were just really good friends (although I found out later that her parents had told her that she could do better than me). Within a few weeks, she was seeing someone else. I was heartbroken because she was my first love.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, she called me routinely and sent me a Christmas present with a note that said if I were closer to her, she’d give it to me in person.

Silly me decided to make a grand gesture and fly to see her on Christmas night, deliver a present to her, and get back together and live happily ever after. I bought a plane ticket from Accra to her base in Tamale. We made a stop in Kumasi in the afternoon. After a few minutes, the airport canceled the flight due to technical problems with the plane and there was none readily available to continue the journey until the next day.


Undeterred, I decided to rent a car and just drive the remaining 388 kilometers to see her. Foiled again – there weren’t any car rental services close by. I’d take the bus I said but the only problem was the last bus left an hour ago.

Ready to give up, I thought I’d try one last thing. Walked outside to the taxi rank and asked the first driver in the queue how he felt about driving to Tamale. I explained to him why I was making this unusual request and his reply was that it was just about the craziest thing he’d ever done, but he’d do it. Jumped in the taxi with my bag and Christmas present in hand.

Ended up driving around 35mph the entire way there and shared the entire story with the driver. About 30 minutes away, I started to get worried that she would be going to sleep soon as it was getting quite late. I asked her to stay awake, and when she asked why, I told her that I was coming to see her and deliver her Christmas present in person. She said she was shocked, but wanted to see me and would stay awake.

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Minutes after hanging up, her *MOTHER* calls me and asks what in the hell I think I’m doing and tells me that things are over with her daughter. It was unbelievable to me that a grown woman would meddle so much in her adult daughter’s business. At that moment, I was completely deflated – I had thought that after seeing the great lengths I’d gone to in order to get there, her family would understand and be supportive. Instead, my (ex)girlfriend called me and said we’d better meet at a hotel.

My driver dropped me off at a local hotel and I was completely sick over what had transpired in the last half hour of our drive. Everything had started crumbling. I was already in a daze when I paid the GHC 650 taxi fare.

Inside the hotel, I waited for my (ex)girlfriend at the reception. I poured out my heart to her. Ultimately, she said she didn’t want to get back together because she didn’t see how it would work out and she left.

I didn’t sleep a bit that night. I stayed up on the phone with the airline trying to book a flight home. The earliest they could fly me out was still more than 24 hours away. The last thing I wanted to do was sit in a hotel room by myself in my ex’s town after being so flatly rejected.

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When the sun came up, I took a cab to the airport to book a flight since i wasn’t able to do it the night before. I waited for six hours before my flight came. By the time, I got home, I was completely numb (and over GHC 1000 lighter in the pocket). I slept for the next two days straight.

And that was the stupidest thing I ever did for love.

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