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What Was The Most Painful Breakup You Have Ever Experienced?

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Pain can sometimes accompany even necessary breakups and emotional gains. Breakups are no picnic, but how you cope with it depends entirely on the terms with which you and your partner divided.


Elorm, here is my painful break-up experience.


I received a random text message from a girl saying “Can you please stop talking to Kwabena? He already has a girlfriend and you’re just creating a problem between them”.

Okay wait, What Dafuq?

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I immediately called Kwabena. He didn’t pick up. He texted me that he went to his friend’s place last night and was too tired. Okay, cool!

In the morning he called back.

He: What happened, baby?

Me: Kwabena, are you double dating?

He: No Ena, I can never do something like that. Who told you this?

I told him about the girl who texted me on Facebook. He made up some bullshit story and said that it was just someone pulling off a prank. I believed him. I was an idiot.

Same day, 9pm.

I received another text from a girl on Instagram. Her name was Sara. She wanted to talk about Kwabena. She also mentioned that she was Kwabena’s girlfriend. Yep, g-i-r-l-f-r-i-e-n-d.

I was shocked. No no, not shocked. Devastated. The so called perfect guy in my life was cheating on me.

I called Sara and came to know that they were dating since October. Not only that, the last night when he was too ‘tired’ to talk, he was with her probably warming her up.

I tried calling Kwabena, he didn’t pick. He texted :

He: Ena please, I can’t talk. I’m crying my heart out.

Me: Kwabena, should I clap? You were freakin’ cheating on me?

He: I lost you. Ena I really love Sara. I can’t live without her. She will leave me after all this.

Me: And me? You never loved me? What was it then Kwabena? You literally talked to my mom too! Why didn’t you tell me before?

He: I don’t know what happened. Things weren’t good between me and Sara so I got infatuated towards you. I never loved you.

Me: Wait, whatttt?

Man, that hurt. For real. The guy who used to talk to me everyday, cried whenever we had a fight, used to sing for me on video calls, used to comfort me, lift my mood up, motivate me, said that he never loved me.

After all, this happened, I let him go. We had a not so good breakup. Sara was all he ever wanted. He loved her. He ‘never’ loved me. I loved him. I just wanted him to be happy. Sara made him happy, maybe I failed to do so.

They’re happy together now.

Sometimes I miss him. I miss him every fuckin’ day. I have promised myself not to call or text him, ever. But there are times when things get tough. I guess that’s life. Some people just don’t find love.

I’m sorry Kwabena.

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