Best Sex

What Was The Best Sex Of Your Life And How Did It Happen?

I was looking for some sexual release and had been looking at the local swinger club as I was between marriages and girlfriends, and then this lady gave me the best sex of my life.

They had a special evening which sounds like (sexual) fun – except that single males had to pay £70 to get in! I thought that I would try to hook up with a woman (which get free admission when alone) and instead pay the £35 fee (as a couple). So I posted myself outside the club and waited.

I talked to a couple that I recognized from the club’s chat room when two women came by and I asked them if I could accompany them inside. They accepted.

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When we got in they walked around to explore the premise and suddenly they were standing in front of me and one of the women gestured to me that I should take care of the other which I happily obliged to do!

It turned out that this was her first time to a swinger club and her friend thought that she (also) needed some sexual release.

I told her to relax and just enjoy herself. We went into a “private room” (there were windows all way around), and I told her that she could always say stop if there was anything she didn’t like.

That made her to relax, and soon after we were kissing passionately and fondling each other. I was already naked and eventually she was as well. Her lips, hands, tongue and the rest of her body were all over my body and visa versa including my fingers inside her vagina.
This was getting very hot (and very wet), very quickly and suddenly she sat on top of me and lowered herself onto my penis.

Best Sex

She felt wonderful (she definitely knew how to tighten her vagina) and we made passionate love. After some time I took hold of her nipples and started pulling her down towards me to kiss her while thrusting my penis into her.

That sent her over the brink and made her orgasm so hard that she collapsed on top of me while squirting which caused her vagina to become so tight that I couldn’t move! (It actually hurt but was so erotic at the same time).

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When she came back to her senses she apologized with a big smile and kisses that she had not warned me that she was a squirter. This was a first (but not last) for me so I did not complain but just went on exploring.

After some more cuddling, fondling, hugging and kissing, she moved her head down to my penis and started giving me the best blow job I’ve ever had! I tried to please her at the same time but I just couldn’t concentrate and just had to lay there – panting and experience the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had!

When I was getting close to orgasm I warned her – which only made her blow me even intense. All my senses where overflown and the last thing I remember was my vision flashing with stars while I ejaculated over and over again into her mouth while screaming my lungs out. She swallowed my semen and then just laid next to me and smiled beautifully.

We had much more fantastic sex for several hours and it was only because her friend finally got through to us that we realized that the club was closing down for the night!

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We meet again and continued our first encounter (outside the club as none of us are swingers). Unfortunately she had some personal problems so our relationship eventually ended.

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