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What Made Me Stop Having Sex With Random Girls

Mrs Velasquez
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What Made Me Stop Having Sex With Random GirlsI – It’s no lie when I say I like girls and I love clubbing too. Girls and club, those two always put me in a zone called ‘No worries’.

Sometime last year, I visited Kumasi with my friends for a particular wedding.

It was on a Thursday while the wedding was to be on Saturday. We had to lodge in a hotel along the stadium area and everyone was stressed travelling all the way from Accra by car, so we had to rest a little before we leave for club later at night. We got to the club around 11:30pm.

Sex With Random Girls
Sex With Random Girls – Clubbing and Girls

Me and my guys were ‘penging’ so we looked different and got everyone’s attention while we walked in. We moved to the VIP section, made orders for drinks as expected. The girls came through when the hype man won’t stop hailing us and that was the beginning of the whole mess.

All my guys are huge but me being a slim dude with baby face.. They thought I was their brother, so none of the girls approached me, one even said ‘is that your lil brother?’ (In Twi) but I stayed calm. We were 5 guys, 3 were broke/cashless so I couldn’t stop laughing.

Then we had to pay for the first set of drinks.. So I brought out my Visa card to make payment and two out of the 4 girls who were with us, came to me straight away, Sat on my laps and started rubbing my chest. I was vexed asf so I chased them away and embarrassed them real loud.

So they came back apologizing. I had to let go of my anger. We then had fun till 3am. We tried getting one more girl but to no avail so we were 9 who returned to the lodge. Me being a choosy person, I only liked one outta the 4 girls and my friend who had money on him too liked her.

The babe suggested we had threesome and pay her different. I got pissed, So I said I ain’t interested anymore. I had to sleep alone with my hard gun up. The guy later brought the girl to my room, still smashed her on my bed while the girl was ridiculing me, asking ‘how am I coping?’

It was a bad night for me, to be honest. Friday we just clubbed later at night and had to go make preparations for the wedding. My friend got real sick immediately after the wedding, We later realized he’s contacted Gonorrhea and Syphilis, Man had cut-like sores all over him and rashes too.

We all were scared of losing him, for real but He got okay 5 months later. You dragging that girl with me the other night was a big favour from you bro. Thank you and sorry you had to go through all of that. They should be lessons to you because I learnt from it too but you still hoe-ing.

You ain’t changed still.. lol. Just be careful out there

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