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What Is Your Experience On Instagram DMs Marketing?

Instagram DMs

Instagram DMs is a powerful feature to do direct marketing on Instagram. Although, some Instagrammers use it like Whatsapp or Telegram for chatting, its main goal is to share interesting content and be in direct touch with friends or fans (customers).


I use it and suggest it to my customers, as an adviser, in some cases:

  • Welcome message to my new followers.
    • It creates trust. They feel better about you. Enjoy and even if you use some funny welcome, it may cause a smile on their faces. And then they are not just a follower! they are changed to the consumer.

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Everyone tries to get seen. You may even have a plan to publish your posts on peak times, selected days… etc. But you do not get desired engagements.

Why? because there are lots of posts out there from every page that a follower may have followed before. So there is a war, and if you do not get enough likes and engagement, your posts may not even get seen in followers’ feed.

The direct message helps you to share your special posts and get seen. Increase your engagement is really important and DMs boost it.

  • Share Discounts
  • Share Campaigns
  • Share Special Posts
  • Share Offers

By direct sharing your content, you increase engagement and chance to get seen. Remember do not SPAM like some fake accounts who just spam with unknown links and attract others to click. Just write a nice text, to get their attention and write about the post you want.

Instagram DMs
Instagram DMs

There is an up to 80% chance to get clicks if your text is friendly and effective enough. It should seem it has been sent by admin to promote something. Not a random text.

So, because of all of these facts, I suggest sending lots of direct messages to their followers with effective text.

But there is one BIG PROBLEM.

You may get shadowbanned and worse, spend lots of time finding accounts, go to pages, submit messages, paste and send and again and again!!!

So, you have to use a third-party service to manage your Instagram Direct Messages. First I found IGDM. it was free, but lots of problems. It adds an advert at the end of direct. It offers a pro version, good one, but why should I connect my Instagram to a single service?

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Second I found “IGBees” recently. Its direct message is not good looking, but very useful and handy. There is lots of option to set automatic Direct Message to new followers, to the selected list, like special product customers… Also, you can make direct messages random using Spintax. So the danger chance of getting a shadow ban is now almost zero.

Credit: Jefferey Kreiger

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