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What Did You Learn Too Late In Life?

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Better late than never they said, so even though i learned these stuff too late in life, i’m still happy.

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1. Social media is toxic (especially Instagram), it makes your time wasted by watching someone else’s fake life. It lowers your self esteem.

2. Life is not fair. Some people are luckier than you. You did good things to other people, it doesn’t ascertain that people will treat you good too.

3. Never expect too high. The more you expect when it doesn’t meet your expectation the more it’s gonna hurt.

4. You can’t make everyone happy. Make your decision and live it with no regrets.

5. When it’s ok according to you, it could be not for someone else.

6. Working out is good. I should start it earlier and be more discipline in it.

10 Lessons
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7. Love doesn’t come in an instant. It involves many processes. But when it comes you don’t need reason for it.

8. Everyone has 3 faces. First, the one that they show to the world and stranger, second, the one that they show to family, spouse and close friends and the third, the one that they only show to themselves.

9. Communication, negotiation and marketing are important skills. No matter what field you are in, you should learn these soft skills.

10. I wish I found Quora earlier . I get knowledge and experience of other people by reading their answers and I also can share mine by writing.

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11. Language is important. I wish I could learn Chinese and Japanese earlier.

12. Sometimes, you can’t change people. You change yourself to suit them.

13. Too much thinking will stop your acting.

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