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What Attracts You To A Woman?

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What gets my attention and what gets me to approach a woman is a different story altogether. Same with what attracts me and what makes me decide to stay with her is also a different answer.

Since you want to know what gets my attention and then attracts me to approach, talk, converse, flirt and see if there’s more to her than her looks, then here’s my answer for you.

I hope you push aside your emotional bias and carefully take in what I got to say because it will help you for life in general…

What gets my attention first is her..

Ass attracts

Obviously she won’t be walking about like that everyday except if it’s really hot like where I am. She probably be in jeans..


Or she be wearing tight bright colorful dress where she shows all her gorgeous curves to which gets my attention..


That will get my attention and it will also stimulate my mind about her body which is what attraction is all about.

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It is about getting the man’s attention and you can’t by playing nice good girl who is shy and reserved, and think a man is like a woman.


So she has now got my attention but looks can be decieving and second problem is, she might not be available, maybe in a relationship already, married with kids, or she’s just unapproachable.

Even if a woman has my attention she has to attract me towards her and if she’s smart, done away with the second rate amateur bs she learned from her mum, dad, other women friends, she’d behave that she is available…

She’s smile, she’d be welcoming, she’d flirt and knows how to show a man by her body language she wants him to approach, she’s available…

And when I do, then she’ll keep flirting as I get to know the woman behind the look, to see if our personalities don’t clash, if we have similar values, if she’s outgoing, open minded like I am, how she sees the world what makes her turned on about life, what she values in life by brief conversation….and I might if I feel we are hitting it off, suggest to go to a cafe, or a walk or get a drink…if we’re both not busy.


So what get’s a man’s attention, and what attracts him to approach and what arouses him to want to go further are all very different things altogether.

What women make the mistake in, is they see how to attract a man using logic and fail miserably. Their failure is to judge that which makes a man strong, when he goes for things in life – his desire.

They are so full of shame, guilt and even when blessed with the curves, society, mainstream, third wave feminism has made me feel ashamed and full of guilty to use what they got to attract men.

Now you know and you can ignore what I said at your peril.

Either way, life will teach you how it’s done or you’ll find yourself still asking this same question.

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I will only know a woman’s personality of experiencing all of her, through a long span of time, experiencing the physical and intimacy, dating, sex, relationship etc.

In time, I’ll fall in love with her.

And she can get up with messy hair, no make up, dress shit and even gain some weight, I’ll not care.

The reason is, I am now in love with her.

Women fall in love with status, with the love story, feelings and think it’s love.

Man falls in love with the woman after experiencing all of her and creating lots of memories, and that does include bonding physically such as sex, kisses, going on adventures together, overcoming challenges together and becoming stronger together.

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