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What Are The Biggest Challenges Facing Online Marketers?

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Chances are you do not have your social media strategy figured out as online marketers. Social media is still so young, that businesses are much more likely to have failed on social media than succeeded. This includes brands of all sizes; from the mom and pop shops to global brands with billions of dollars and seemingly unlimited manpower.

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Common Social Media Challenges Faced By Online Marketers

Questions you may already be asking yourself include: What kind of content should we produce? How can we produce remarkable content? How often should we sell on social? Who will do the work? How do I hold them accountable? Do I have the right person to lead and execute my social strategy?

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Work On Process

Deming famously observed that most problems in business can be traced back to process. In my observations working with clients, I’m more likely to see a flawed process for managing social than a flawed content strategy. Granted, I don’t often see great content strategies either, but it’s even more rare to see a great process.

Given the choice, you’d rather have a content problem than a process problem. Content and strategy are relatively easy to fix. Incorporating a disciplined process for execution, measurement, and accountability is much more difficult. To overcome the inherent challenges running a successful social media campaign, start with the process, then input strategy.

Getting Value

From SEO, it’s become harder to get results and even harder to see results. Not a fun combination. The biggest losers were the companies that relied on these search engine rankings for the majority of their online revenue.


Once the rankings disappeared, the revenue stopped. Even if you don’t find yourself in recovery mode, trying to break through the competition without the availability of effective low-cost solutions has many questioning the value of SEO. And rightfully so! Simply put, the cost of input has increased while the expected output has decreased. That’s a dangerous trend.

Reset Expectations

Ultimately, online marketers want to know how much revenue can be attributed back to your search engine visibility. That hasn’t changed, but how you make that connection isn’t as transparent. You have to be smarter and willing to dig deeper into your data. What do I mean by that?

DO NOT rely heavily on rankings as a barometer of progress. The personalization of search results based on your specific location and your search history can significantly alter what one person sees compared to the person 10 miles away. DO use the multi-attribution report to see how many assisted conversions are a result of organic site visitors.

DO NOT create pages and pages of weak content simply to attract search engine traffic. Even if you’re successful at increasing traffic volume, no one will want to stay on your site after they’ve read your content.

Remember: Grade A quality or bust. DO create a consumer-centric culture that makes people want to come back and recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Competing With The Noise

As businesses continue to build out their online presence, consumers are provided with more and more choices. The streets have become crowded and everyone wants a piece of the action.

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Staying on the front end of the curve and rising above the noise is harder than ever. If you are selling the same thing at the same price to the same people, how can you expect to win more market share and grow your business?

Multi-Device Usage

As online marketers, one of our biggest challenges is how to track the visitor experience across multiple devices over the course of the consumer buying cycle.

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According to your analytics, Facebook and Google both sent you a visitor that didn’t convert. If that happens several dozen times, the conversion rate on these channels starts to take a major hit, leading you to question the value of those channels.

But remember, those channels played an integral part in leading up to the purchase. There are no easy solutions, but being aware of this behaviour is the first step to making smarter decisions with the data available, even if it doesn’t tell the whole story.

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