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What Are KOLs & Why They’re Key To Marketing Strategy

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Every marketer, at a point may have heard the term ‘influencer’ before. But what about key opinion leaders, or KOLs … have you heard of them?

The two terms are not synonymous despite some commonalities between KOLs and influencers.

Over the past few years, influencer marketing has become a successful strategy for brands looking to reach a targeted audience on social media. If your brand is looking for a specific demographic niche, you may want to consider implementing a KOLs strategy.

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What are KOLs?

A real life example of a KOL is Marques Brownlee. He is American YouTuber, best known for technology-focused videos. He has over 9 million subscribers to his channel and over 1.40 billion total video views.


So lets say Apple, can collaborate with him for campaigns because he has a specific niche community they’ll want to reach. Obviously there are a lot of influenecers Apple can call upon, but they do not have the niche Apple is looking for.

A KOL is similar to an influencer in regards to follower size, but a KOL has a more targeted audience. For example, Marques Brownlee’s YouTube channel is dedicated solely to tech related stuff. Imagine he does a football video. His fans rely on him as a technology guy.

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KOLs are considered experts on certain topics, they’re often regarded as trustworthy and authentic. Their authenticity allows them to affect their audiences’ views and preferences. Which is why partnering with a KOL is a powerful strategy for your brand.

Benefits of KOLs for Your Marketing Strategy

1. A KOL Can Help You Generate Sales.

A KOL can help you get attention to a new product or increase your brand awareness, both of which can help you boost sales. Research shows that 82% of consumers say they’d follow the recommendation of an influencer, it’s reasonable that a KOL might have a tremendous effect on the bottom line.

2. A KOL Can Help You Target Your Ideal Audience.

Whether you want to increase awareness or generate lead, a KOL is capable of helping you to identify your ideal audience fast and easily. A KOL is a powerful opportunity for reaching your ideal audience. 

3. Increase Your Own Reach.

A KOL can help ensure you’re reaching the ideal target market for your brand and, also, he/she can enable you to reach a much larger percentage of potential consumers than you might have otherwise.

Without a huge marketing budget, reaching one million individuals through traditional advertising techniques could be hard for your brand plus, traditional advertisements do not allow you to target a particular group of individuals.

A KOL partnership is cheaper, quicker, and potentially more effective than most traditional advertising methods so, if it makes sense for your brand, why not try it?

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How to Find a KOL

It is comparatively simple to find a key opinion leader in your industry. You could search hashtags on Instagram to find influencers who specialize in a specific, targeted field.

You can attempt to search for keywords linked to your product or service on YouTube and explore the different accounts that appear as search outcomes.

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