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We don’t need a Waste Management Company but Waste Management Mentality

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Don’t be alarmed if you work for a waste management company; this piece is not to suggest that your firm should be folded up. This is to provoke your thoughts about a waste management mentality.

waste menace

When you finished drinking that water where did you place that sachet or bottle? When you were done tidying your room or environment what did you do with your trash? Do you have the mindset that the government has employed certain workforce or is paying a certain waste management company to clean up after you? Are the drains in front of your residence or office choked and you risk being a victim of flood? Where did the materials choking your drains come from, are they your own waste or you watched another dump them there?

Do you litter the environment because you know there is a certain “ZoomLion” to clean up after you? Do you think their services are for free?
The below image should leave you with a thought to continue the questioning on our behalf! Do you have the right mentality?

waste management

Could it be that we are programmed to litter for someone to clean up after us? Can we be reprogrammed to clean up after our own selves?

Sadly, a large chunk of us feel it is okay to throw out of the window of that vehicle the wrapper we ate that meat pie from because the city has employed certain individuals to clean up the streets at night or dawn.

We litter the streets and the public places with all that we are not comfortable carrying into our residence or offices because in our funny little minds, “if we don’t litter the streets, the waste management companies would not have jobs for some unemployed folks”. Is that how you would be called godly when you know nothing about cleanliness? You would litter the streets and dress all in white to the church, the mosque and shrines on your religious days and pray for a better environment, how sad!

Are you among the large number of folks who would find it convenient to fly the pack of refuse into the bush as you drive by just because no one is watching? What happened to having manners?

We could go the way of politics where the companies who produce the materials(plastics) for which we pollute the environment with are charged a certain amount as tax -Producer Pay Principle. Do you think they will come clean up your mess?

The taxes doesn’t go into cleaning the environment so you could as well take a chill pill when next you want assume it is the responsibility of the government to use the taxed money to clean your mess. Stop messing with the environment!

What amount of these plastics can be recycled, what about of the other materials you dispose off as waste can be biodegradable? Do you even check before disposing them off anyhow? Who is watching who? You are watching your own self, and do you tell yourself to do the right thing?

There are calls for ban on plastics and you could hear the shouts for and against it and its so appalling that we as citizens would love to maintain the plastics because we are so uncomfortable with positive change. One would ask, so what happens to the sachet water we buy with our few pesewas? Should we go back to seeing water sold in cups? Can all afford the bottled water? Even so, how would you handle the bottles differently? How are you handling them now?

The real question is, if you are allowed to keep using the sachet water, would you be reasonable enough to properly dispose it?

There are several calls for war against indiscipline and you would be the one praising the media and the government institutions. But, must there always be an external war on you before you learn to practise personal and home hygiene? Must there be a sanitation officer breathing down your neck with threats of court summons before you properly manage your waste?

waste management officials

Are we as individuals saying that we are only programmed with the mentality to be indiscriminate with the management of our waste? Must we always have waste management companies before we could have clean cities, towns and villages?

Hell NO!
We need a disciplined waste management mentality!

God help us all.

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