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“We are ready to support anyone who wants to go into coconut business”-GEPA

coconut business
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The Ghana Export Promotion Authority(GEPA) has announced at the readiness of the authority to support anyone who wants to go into coconut business.

This call comes in the wake of the celebration of International Coconut Day from the 24th to 26th of September 2019 which was earmarked by a health walk on the 21st of September 2019 from Ayi Mensah to Kitase.

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In attendance was the Eastern Regional Minister; Mr. Eric Kwakye Darfour, the Acting Director of Public Relations for the GEPA; Madam Ruth Maafo, the Chairman of the Ghana Chapter of the African Coconut Group; Mr. Davis Korboe, the Chairman of the Eastern Regional brand of the Coconut Association of Ghana; Mr. Godwin Delali Ahiafor among others.

Coconut Business to be put on Show at the Ghana Coconut Festival

The Coconut Festival is organised by the Ghana Chapter of the African Coconut Group and supported by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), the Ghana Free Zones Authority and Hortifresh Fruits and Vegetables West Africa under the theme, ” Promoting Export Diversification through a Robust Ghanaian Coconut Industry”.

In praise of the initiative for the festival, the Eastern Regional Minister lauded the efforts of the GEPA in opting to support the production of coconut for export.

Coconut business
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He said;
“…we want everyone to go into coconut production that is why we have the GEPA and other stakeholders supporting us”.
He also called on the chiefs to support the agenda by making lands available for those who want to start and as well as those who want to increase their acreage. He also was with hope that it is a great opportunity to provide jobs for the youth.

The organizers of the Festival are optimistic that the production of coconut and its related business would provide opportunities for the graduates who were hitherto unemployed to be gainful employed as their own bosses.

Madam Maafo also added that apart from the cultivation of the coconut which can be grown in almost all the parts of the country for its sales there were opportunities in its use for lotions, furniture, other handicrafts among other uses that can bring cash and employment opportunities.

“We are ready to support anyone who wants to go into the business of coconut”

Madam Ruth Maafo – Acting Director, GEPA

She also added that the Ghana Export Promotion Authority is delighted to partner the Africa Coconut Group and provide opportunities particularly for the youth in the coconut business and it is tied to the authority’s agenda to diversify the products and services the Ghanaian makes for exports.

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