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UrbanKraft – The Eco-Friendly Furniture Giants in Ghana

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UrbanKraft, home décor & furniture manufacturing business specialized in using eco-friendly raw materials in crafting user-friendly home furniture. The amazing thing about this business is that all the furniture pieces are made from pallets & chipboard wood materials in pursuit of promoting a culture of recycle, reuse and reduction of waste in the environment.

Do you know that there is an estimated 2 billion pallets in service right now with over 450 million pieces produced every year from fresh wood? How many trees have you planted this year? What is the make of your furniture and at what price to the environment?

I had seen so many creative designs on Pinterest with the use of pallets and only thought it was too much work for the Ghanaian carpenter until my wow moment seeing it done in Ghana by UrbanKraft. My intrigue and delight in their business focus towards catering for the environment is why we(Ghanaians/Africans) must patronize them.

The AFROSAGES Emerging Business lens takes a look at the UrbanKraft business for in-depth details and enumerates 3 compelling reasons why they should be your furniture choice.

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The UrbanKraft Team

This wholly owned Ghanaian venture is run by a team of smart entrepreneurs and artisans dedicated to customization of user-friendly furniture with an environmentally focused agenda of reduction of waste, recycling, and reuse of the existing materials.

Focused on making an impact on the environment, “new home renters” and business entities looking to furnish spaces, the UrbanKraft team delivers quality, stylish, affordable, and an extraordinary wood piece to perform any function in these spaces.

UrbanKraft Products

The entity specializes in the manufacturing of made to order & customized pieces.

  • Rustic beds,
  • Coffee Tables,
  • Backyard Patio Seats,
  • Living Room Sofas,
  • Bedsets
urbankraft bed
  • Dining Tables,
  • Nightstands,
  • Bookshelves,
  • TV Entertainment Units,
  • Consoles,
  • Drawers and a whole lot of customized set pieces.

3 Reasons Why you Should Choose UrbanKraft!

Why should you choose this particular furniture company over the ones you already know? Do no take my words or my experience with them for it.

Let’s explore the below 3 REASONS below, convinced or for further queries, then request a free quote!

REASON 1: Highly Affordable, Stylish and Versatile Designs

Have you ever had to worry about getting new furniture set moving into a new apartment/office starting a new life? Confused as to which designs would fit the space? This furniture experts give you value for your every pesewa and with the flexibility to get you settled in with amazing designs.

urbankraft new style

Want to replace your furniture? The use of pallets or chipboard gives you the flexibility to switch up the designs of old styles for new ones that suits your taste and preference.

REASON 2: User-Friendly and Self-Influenced Designs

Ever had to worry about the design already made for which you have no control over? That is an old school thing. With this new school, you are part of the design process to deliver an innovative, trendy and comfortable set piece that appeals to your specified functionality, and a contemporary look to fit your spaces.

REASON 3: Eco-Friendly

In this age and time, with a majority of the world’s citizens are focused on making the environment a better place, being anything eco-friendly is top of mind.

urbankraft vision

Joining the culture of practising recycling, reduction of waste and reuse of existing resources as raw materials to create new and innovative things just got easier for when you choose UrbanKraft. With their use of pallets and chipboard, you help contribute to making the environment friendlier by putting waste wood to a great use.

The choice of affordability, exquisite style and the chance to make an impact on the environment depends on you.

Made a decision to go with Pallets and Chipboard? Made a decision on Price? Made a decision on contributing to the environment?

Get a Free Quote

Reaching out to UrbanKraft for a quote is the first step to designing your own furniture and being a change agent on the environment. Nothing feels much better than satisfying a personal need and also knowing that you are making the world a better place.

Call for a FREE QUOTE quote on 0548026586 or WhatsApp 0265290629

GET SOCIAL with UrbanKraft

Making a furniture decision had never been easier on anyone, particularly on the expenditure and choice of design, I trust with UrbanKraft, you would be able to co-design and co-create something that you can relate to. Below is the beautiful design from by AFROSAGES and built by UrbanKraft with the environment in mind.

urbankraft desk
Proudly Made in Ghana by UrbanKraft

Do send us a picture of your acquisition and tell us about your experience with their amazing customer service in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to share the good news about UrbanKraft!

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