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Top Afro Dancers in Ghana Right Now

afro dancers in ghana | afrosages
afro dancers in ghana | afrosages
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Ghana, a country known to be on the forefront rhythms and moves when it comes to Afro beat and Afro Dance, a fusion undeniably called the Afro Dance. Though most individuals in Ghana can dance to a beat, some are truly gifted; below AFROSAGES presents the Top Afro Dancers in Ghana right now!

Top Afro Dancers in Ghana Right Now

Incredible Zigi

Michael Amofa aka Incredible Zigi, Leader of the AFROZIG Movement and Ace choreographer makes it top of the list as moves of his dance steps are most likened to a Spoken Word. Zigi calls his moves as “Poetry of the Foot” and Body.

Best Afro Dancers in Ghana to Watch in 2020, Best Dancer in Ghana
Incredible Zigi awarded Best Dancer by the Lifestyle and Fashion Awards

Regarded as one of the smoothest dancers, Zigi is acclaimed to be the best choreographer in Ghana and ladies man who is always seen with his side kick “The Boi Perbi”. Undeniably, Incredible Zigi is the Top Dancer in Ghana ahead of the rest.

Incredible Zigi is the proud creator of “Kupe” and “Pilolo” and known to be a originator Dance Challenges on Social Media. When it comes to making many music videos shine, he is the face to adore most and his moves irrefutably one you would want to learn.

Dancegod Lloyd

Laud Anor Konadu professionally known as Dancegod Lloyd in by no means less than one of the top dancers in Ghana.

Afro Dance Battle Lloyd Best Dancers in Ghana
Dancegod Lloyd

Dancegod Lloyd sometimes known as Legendary Lloyd is an incredible dancer, one dosed with choreographic moves and no wonder he is a prominent member of the Niggas With Attitude – NWA.

Krump Caliph

Krump Kaliph aka the Afrobeast is most times seen leading the NWA. Many have voted him far talented than his fellow NWA member Dancegod Lloyd and likened him to be in the league of Incredible Zigi.

Krump Caliph aka Afrobeast Best Dancer in Ghana
Krump Caliph aka Afrobeast

Afrobeast is also smooth and steady on the rhythm as with his moves and steps. Emerging from the streets of Ashaiman, he shares the same struggle stories with Stonebwoy and draws inspiration from that end to get his craft going.

Is Krump Caliph in the shadow of Dancegod Lloyd? Will he emerge to stand on his own someday? These are questions only he can answer but there is not a single doubt that he is in the run as one of the top dancers in Ghana to watch out for in the year 2020.

The Boi Perbi

The Boi Perbi, a side kick of Incredible Zigi as Afrobeast is to Dancegod Lloyd? Let’s not focus on that for now, but if you have seen any of Incredible Zigi’s dance videos there is not a single chance you will miss this great dancer.

Boi Perbi with Incredible Zigi; Best Dancer in Ghana
The Boi Perbi (Right) to Incredible Zigi; Best Dancer in Ghana

The Boi Perbi is always here Zigi is and an avid member of the AfroZig Movement as they all “Do it like Zigi”.

The Boi Perbi is no doubt another great dancer with solid moves to watch out for in 2020.

Mr Drew

Mr Drew; the dancer, the choreographer and musician. This guy is simply multi-talented! In this category, he stands tall as Incredible Zigi, both were member of the defunct “The Gentlemen” dance crew.

mr drew best dancer in ghana
Mr Drew

Mr Drew partnered Incredible Zigi and Dope Nation to put out the song Agbelemiand created a lovely dance video for it. He is no doubt a contender for the top dancers in Ghana to watch out for in 2020.


As 2020 unfolds we look forward to emerging acts from the various neighbourhoods,. streets and camps all in for the beauty of expanding the craft and placing Ghana on the map to further its lead on the Afro Dance category and choreography.

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