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HOT MESS: How These 4 Things Nearly Ruined my Wedding Day!

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My wedding was supposed to be one of my happiest moments, but some things nearly ruined the biggest day in my life.

It was my wedding.

A series of things went haywire.

1. My hair was ‘unfinished’. My stylist which was a younger friend of mine didn’t show up on the day of my wedding. I believe she was going through something difficult on that day.

2. My period came on the morning of my wedding. Of course I had earlier planned the date so it wouldn’t clash with it, but the stress of everything brought it down. So you guess how my wedding night went.

3. My cake. When the MC announced that it was time to cut the cake at the reception, I and my husband looked at the door awaiting the glorious 4-tier cake we ordered… Instead, a panicky usher ran to me to explain that the cake had gotten crushed en route to the venue. I was so tired, that I just smiled, and waited for the next order of event.

4. I got married in Kazan, Russia. My parents couldn’t make it to my wedding. Also, they forgot the date, and I had to tell them the next day that I had gotten married the previous day.

You want more?…

OK, those are the major things, but that day was a remarkable day in my life.

While waiting in the car before entering the church, I invited the driver of our ride to witness the joining. He was a typical young Russian man, probably not a religious fanatic. He told me it was the first time he had ever been in a church, and he said the ceremony was one of the most beautiful things he had ever witnessed.


Although things didn’t go down the way we had planned them, nothing really mattered to me other than the knowledge that I got to legally and biblically be joined with the love of my life.

And our 3rd anniversary is in 9 days! Yay!

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