Expensive Education In Ghana

The Segregative Nature of the Ghana Education System – Top 5 Things to Note!

When people pay exorbitant fees so their kids can attend expensive schools in Ghana, it is not just the education they’re paying for. They’re paying to secure valuable future networking for their kids, to have a seat at the rich’s table. The rich stay rich by networking among themselves.

Expensive Education In Ghana
Students Of Ashesi University

Expensive Education In Ghana

What the wealthiest folks spend all their time doing is attending dinners, fund-raisers, weddings, birthday parties, golf games, etc. It is in such gatherings that the juiciest deals are struck, wealth is carefully redistributed and old friendships are strengthened.

Middle-class folks who understand this don’t even flinch paying through the skin to use their kids’ education as a leverage. Not only do they stand a chance to meet folks from the upper class in an informal setting (PTA meetings etc?), they’re also placing your kids on a pedestal.

Expensive Education In Ghana
Ghanaian school kids

You see, the kids of the wealthiest parents today are very much likely to be the wealthiest tomorrow. They might not be as rich as their parents (say, Dangote), but they’d control a substantial amount of wealth. Wealth normally creates more wealth: Wealth = CAPITAL.

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So, if, say Kuffour, Ndoum, Jonah send their kids to Ghana International School, here’s what happens when the middle-class family gets their kids to Ghana International School:

1. They have a link to the Kuffour/Ndoum/Jonah family. Say, the kids become friends… Family friends? Boom. Juicy friendship

2. They’re ensuring their kids get a ticket to the wealthy club of the future, because the future families of Kuffour etc are most likely a control future wealth. So ensuring your kids “roll with them,” means giving them a seat at tomorrow’s “rich men circle.”

So when people pay that huge amount for “education”, there is more to it. Education in itself is quite cheap. But networking is expensive. Networking is Kempinski, Networking is Golf, Networking is Ashesi University. Or any social setting where the rich thrives. Secure that future.

Just to add: Not every expensive school offers this sort of valuable networking. Some schools are just expensive to give off an aura of wealth: they have little/no history, the wealthy don’t patronize them. They just exploit the avarice and ignorance of the Ghanaian middle class.

There are schools, churches, clubs, hotels, locations that the truly wealthy patronize. Those places have an aura of class (not just luxury.) Those are the sort of places I am talking about. It is okay to pay yourself into such a circle using your kid’s education. Issa investment!

Just to make some clarification:

1. I never said the only reason parents send kids to expensive schools is to tap into upper-class network opportunities. I said they’re getting valuable networking opportunities in addition to the education their kids will be getting. The icing on the cake.

2. No one is saying every kid from a wealthy family will end up rich. But truth is that they’re more likely to end up with a substantial amount of wealth compared to a kid from a poor family who’s working hard from scratch. I think this is an established fact eh?

3. Why do people assume that kids from wealthy families mostly will end up spoilt? Check the backgrounds of the families of Otedola, Dangote, Kuffiur, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, etc They’re all from wealthy families. They are just as brilliant as anyone out there.

The whole idea of spoilt rich brats is a Ghallywood/Nollywood/Hollywood stereotyped creation. So as you’re going to your regular school and scoring As, a rich kid is getting similar As in a more conducive environment, networking opportunities and other support systems.

Besides, if we factor in science, a child from a comfortable home is more likely to have a better IQ than someone from socially-strained family. Woh, I am tired of explaining. Take it however you like it. This write-up is borne out of experience in the last few years. Networking is FIREEEEE!

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