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The Mistake That Saved My Life

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Few years back, a couple of us decided we’re going to the coast, a summer vacation. We live in Zagreb, Croatia and we had a 400km trip ahead of us. I overslept, that was my mistake.

The guys I was suppose to go with were all my kindergarten/junior high/high school friends. We’ve known each other ever since we were 5. Those were the people I spent every day playing basketball after school, every weekend was fun and exciting.

Well, a day before our trip we got together for a couple of beers to talk. We were suppose to leave at 8am the next morning. We sat there in that bar for a while when I got a phone call from my girlfriend at the time.

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She asked me if I can come and pick her up from work because her car broke down and she didn’t have any money on her. So we decided to meet the next morning at 8am on a local playground and get going. We said goodbye and everyone went home.

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I picked up my girlfriend and drove her home. Spent an hour there and told her I have to go home and pack few more things for the trip. I was done around 10pm and decided to stay up for another hour to finish the movie I was watching. I forgot to charge my phone that night and I can remember it was on 30% when I went to bed.

I woke up at 9:40, looked at my phone and realised the battery died. As soon as i started charging the phone, I turned it on and I tried calling my friends but there was no response.

We had an agreement if anyone wasn’t picking up his phone and was late an hour or more that person will take the bus since it wasn’t a long ride.

I tried calling them over and over again but nobody was picking up. I grabbed my suitcase and went to the bus terminal. The bus stopped at a gas station 2 hours after we took off and the driver told us we have 20 min to get out and get some fresh air.

I went inside to buy something to drink and the guy working there was watching the news. Besides all local stories one caught my attention. A car with 3 people inside was hit by a truck and got thrown down a 30m cliff.

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I got to my destination. Got a cab to the apartment we had previously rented. The cab stopped right in front and I couldn’t see my friend’s car there, thought they may have took the car to do some grocery shopping.

Few hours later my phone rings. On the other side I could hear a crying woman. Turns out it was my friend’s mother.


That car then went down that 30m cliff.. Well you can take a guess.. I was suppose to be in that car. A day doesn’t go by without thinking about that day.

I miss you guys.

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