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The Healing Moments after the Breakup

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How is the feeling for you if you just broke up with someone you have loved for a long while? How is the healing moments after the breakup? How do you manage the thoughts that keeps crossing your mind? Let me share my singular moment experience with you and just maybe you might figure things out and get your head straight.

It was just another night of melancholic feeling and rapid heart beating like my usual self after we both broke up and were worlds apart. This feeling was with a difference, the rapidity of the heart beat was unexplainable, and as much as I tried to figure out what the cause was, I couldn’t.

I decided to pick my yoga mat to meditate as a way to help calm my myself down but this didn’t work because no matter how hard I centered my intention and recited my mantra I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering.

Soon, …another day is here and I’m left with myself to define the healing moments after the breakup.

After dragging myself through what seemed to be a very long day, I settled down to listen to some of my favourite playlist to help soothe my soul and relax.
Only then did I realise myself getting pulled to the playlist we once shared, I could not help but tap “play”.

About two hours into listening and shuffling through to “the playlist”, a notification signalled me, and the reminder was …”Kwame’s Birthday is Today”.

Just then did it hit me that it was his first birthday after the breakup and my subconsciousness still had some kind of connection with the usual fun and crazy things we would do on that day.

The memories all came flooding and here I was planning what gift to send him.

But as fate had it, we are seas apart and healing our broken hearts; that’s if he’s still healing as I am.

I resigned to sending him a screenshot of one song we both loved with a birthday message wishing him well.

We all have ways and means of dealing with the moments after the breakup, you may be strong emotionally but for a strange reason, there is always a flash of the moments shared.
What you do to overcome or deal with these moments is what defines how you are mature now or still want to hang on. No matter what turn it takes don’t let depression be an option for you. Stay strong and you will find love again. You have a chance at finding healing moments after breakup.

I leave you with this classic from James Arthur. Watch and relax as you ponder over the lyrics and catch the good times of the past and forget the pains. Put together only happy moments after the breakup.

Credit: Kokui

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