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The Gold He Found

gold on the road
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It’s Gold! It’s Gold!! This was his excitement after the fall. Let me take you to the moments before that…

He stood up and gathered his stuff.

And along this path,

He journeyed.

Joyfully and gracefully, he took his steps.

Ouch! He hits his feet on a rock and to the ground he fell

Sitting up, he examined the rock he stumbled upon

It’s Gold! It’s Gold!!

Anger turned to joy as he held the Gold in his hands

Seeking to find knowledge on how best he could best benefit from his discovery.

AFROSAGES – Kodjoe Kafui

gold rocks
The Gold Story…

I love poetry, so it just seemed right that I began this with a poem which summaries how a young man found himself in a new profession and how the love for it has led him on a journey to learn more so he can give out his best.

There is a saying that says do not make the place where you fell, your sleeping place. Life is not a straight path but rather an undulating field with its twists and turns.

Just like any other young man, this man thought he was starting his dream career when shortly after school he got a job at a firm in a sector he had always wanted to be in.

Everything seems to be going well only for him to lose his job as a result of some inexplicable circumstances. He believed his world was coming to end.

Then he put himself together made some few calls and seeking some advice, decided to embark on a journey to another land to start all over again.

You see, you must not wallow in despair when things don’t go as planned. Do you love the lord? If you do, then this is what he says- that all things work together for good for them that love the lord and are called according to his purpose.

That failed interview, that broken heart, that lost money and so on and so forth can and will work out for good if you can put yourself together, draw some lessons from that bad experience, shake the dust off yourself, seek some good counsel and use your setback as a springboard to greater heights and new opportunities.

Arriving in this new place that will become home to him, he found a job he had no prior experience in expect watching his grandmother and aunties. This was a job that he never imagined he will find himself doing talk less of enjoying it.

He decided to learn more about this new job that is sustaining him and add more value to himself so he can benefit more from it whiles having a maximum impact on those around him.

What’s your Gold?

The gold you are waiting for may be that trade you look down on with disdain. It might be that job opening you think is not meant for people like you. Sometimes all you just have to do is to embrace a new adventure and you might just find your love and goldmine.

And when you do find that gold, go on a journey to learn about it. Your knowledge about it will help you walk in the wisdom that will make your profiting known to all.
Written by: AFROSAGES Kodjoe Kafui

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