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The Delse Shop; Your Natural Skin Care

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AFROSAGES Emerging Businesses team met with Selasi Dzikunu, the brain behind The Delse Shop to learn more about her business solutions and offerings.

Selasi Dzikunu of The Delse Shop
Selasi Dzikunu
About Selasi Dzikuku

My name is Selasi Dzikuku. I am a Ghanaian through and through. I went to Mawuli School in Ho and then proceeded to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I am the founder of The Delse Shop and the co-founder of Jayset Consulting.

The Delse Shop
Delse Shop
When Did The Delse Shop Open for Business?

The business started in 2017 when I personally decided to start using made in Ghana hair and skin care products and I realised I either had to be hopping from shop to shop or buying from different online shops for different products and it was expensive doing that. So I thought of creating an online platform that will stock all of these great Ghanaian brands you order and its delivered at your door step.

Products From The Delse Shop
The Delse Shop Products
Tell Us More About The Delse Shop

The Delse Shop is an online e-commerce platform that connects Ghanaian manufacturers of organic and natural hair and skin care products to the global marketplace.

At the moment we have 5 (five) team members. Once we grow bigger, we bring in more team members.

We sell luxurious yet affordable products designed and created for Afrocentric women, made exclusively in Ghana. Through our e-commerce platform and our affordable prices, The Delse Shop has access to a large and lucrative global market place that allows us to resell our partners products for them; helping them grow.

The Delse Shop
Hair and Skin Goals… Photo Credit: Natural Hair Solutions

Women are always looking for fresh, and natural products to buy at the convenience of their spaces. We offer that and ensure that our products are shipped directly to the customers’ doorstep. We deliver the highest quality products to our customers whiles providing real value for the Ghanaian manufacturers by connecting their products to local and global consumers.

We provide an online retail of Made in Ghana Hair and Skin Care products.

Where Can People Find You Online?

You can find us on social media. Our Facebook and Instagram username is @thedelseshop. We also have a website, www.thedelseshop.com. You can place your orders or call us on 0207941557. Worldwide delivery is available at a fee.

The Delse Shop Product
Products From The Delse Shop
Physical Business Location and Opening Hours?

Do we even close? We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week due to the automated sales process. We are located in Adenta, a neighborhood in Accra, Ghana

Final Words?

I will urge Ghanaians to push the made in Ghana agenda to the world and that’s where I draw my inspiration from. The emphasis for us is to be online as our slogan is “convenient online shopping” because online is where the action is now!

AFROSAGES: We are grateful for taking out the time to share your business and solutions with us and our readers.

Wrapping up!

I want to urge you check out The Delse Shop and be kind to share your experience with us.

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  • 212

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