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The Basics Of Branding


Branding is the emotional response or feeling evoked when an individual hears/sees your image, which in turn is the consequence of the complete sum of all the experiences of that individual, both positive and negative.

“The art of differentiation.” – David Brier


Branding is a long term initiative that takes time. For branding to be successful, you need to be clear, consistent & credible!

Think of a cold drink, Coca Cola comes to mind… Think of shoes and Nike pops up in the head… this is branding!

There is a big difference between your brand name and your branding. Your brand name is highly visible and should feel almost akin to a tangible entity to your audience.

Your branding, however, is rather more ingrained and exists only as a feeling within your audience when they think of your brand name. Ultimately, your branding is who you are. 

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Branding is not putting your name logo everywhere in the hope that the mere exposure effect is adequate enough to sell your product.

“Your Brand is Your Personality.” – Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Designing the logo and corporate identity like business cards, letterheads or marketing materials like flyers, posters is not branding. Branding is definitely not marketing or advertising either.


A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or other feature which differentiates a company or products in the eyes of a client from its competitor. Brand is used in business, marketing and advertising.



Brand building is enhancing brand equity using advertising campaigns and promotional strategies. The main goal of brand building is to create a unique image about the company. Brand building is all about generating awareness, promoting and establishing company using strategies and tactics. Goal of brand building is to create unique image about the company in the minds of the customer.


Product: Walking through a supermarket is an easy way to understand what product branding is. Successful product branding is what pushes a consumer to choose one brand over the other. Brand has established their reputation or class in their own way. Think of some soft drinks, clothing, shoes, computers etc and see what comes to your mind. These are the prime example of what product branding is.

Personal Branding: Personal branding is also one of the marketing tool which is popular among the celebrities, musicians, politicians, athletes.

Corporate branding: Corporate branding refers to the practice of promoting the brand name of a corporate entity, as opposed to specific products or services.


A brand touch point is the interaction point where the customers interact with the company. There are certain touch points of a brand and most primarily it is the product or service itself.

People also interacts with the company through several online platforms like websites, social media profiles etc. A beautiful functional website that is crafted directly motivated by the need of the target customers will certainly encourage them to have a positive experience while the visit the site.


Today, brands are built by great products and services, first and foremost. In a world of online reviews, advertising and spin cannot trump a predominance of bad experiences. Not everyone, but your target audience must be delighted.

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So, branding is not designing the identity of a company, it is a much larger concepts than that and to do proper branding for your company, you need to work on all the brand touchpoints very strategically, starting from the logo, identity design, online presence all the way to the advertisement campaigns, customer services etc.

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