Summer Night

That Summer Night…

This happened at a family reunion several years ago. I was sleeping in my bed, as normal. It was summer and our air conditioning was not working. I would sometimes sleep nude, with the fan on, so I would be comfortable.


One night, my two female cousins, Nikki and Delinda, and their friend Brianna, stayed with us. They slept in my sister’s room, but I slept in my room. Well, Brianna must have been crowded because she came into my room and slept on the floor.

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I heard a scream in the middle of the night and felt someone get into bed with me. It was Brianna, who said a spider had run across her leg. She had a phobia of spiders.

I noticed she was wearing a t-shirt and panties. She just laid there shaking for a moment. After she calmed down, she asked if I could please let her sleep in my bed. I said that might not be a good idea, since someone might come in and get the wrong idea.

She asked me if I could just lock my door. She promised to lie at the foot of the bed, while I stayed at the head. I said “OK.” I asked her why she didn’t stay in my sister’s room and she said she was crowded.

I got up in the dim light and locked it. Then came back and laid down. She must not have seen me, because she didn’t comment on my lack of clothing.

So, I just turned over and pulled the sheet over me. I went to sleep. Brianna must have gotten cold from the fan blowing and not having a cover, because she reached for mine in the night. I was facing away from her.

Being wrapped in the same bed clothes pulled us together and my feet were near her face. She had curled up in a fetal position, probably because she was cold, which brought her closer to my genitals.

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It must have been morning time when I felt something breathing on my balls. I was also curled up fetally and I could feel someone’s breath on me. It was Brianna, who was asleep.

Summer Night
That summer night [Photo by FAVIM]

She had positioned herself in the night, at some point, to where her face was almost touching my butt. Her breathing was blowing right on my nuts. To make matters worse, I had an overwhelming urge to fart. I started to stir, to move away, and that’s when it happened. It wasn’t a huge fart, just a whoosh of smelly air, but it woke her up.

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She said, “Oh my God! That stinks!”and pushed my butt away from her. She got out of the bed immediately. She asked, “Why are you naked???” I said, that I slept that way when it was hot.

She asked me why I didn’t tell her. I said, “Hey, it’s my room. No one told you to come in here.”

She thought for a minute, and decided she wouldn’t say anything because, I was right. Everyone would want to know why she came in my room in the middle of the night. But, clearly she was disgusted at knowing she had slept most of the night with a guy’s butthole and balls just inches from her face, and that I had let loose with a fart.


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