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That Passenger I Will Never Forget

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Just before Christmas, during the harsh winter of 2017 I accepted a request for a 30 mile plus ride with this pretty passenger.

Picked up a lady wanting to go to Nottingham, which is approximately 80/90 miles away. She was so grateful to me for accepting the ride as a few drivers had already cancelled on her and she’d been waiting for almost two hours.

The problem with this ride was that the journey meant going through a hilly and notoriously dangerous route. When we are in the middle of thick snow and snowstorms, coupled with the fact it was now midnight, that added to the potential hazards involved. I could understand why drivers had cancelled on her.

However, I decided to go ahead and try my best to get her home.

En route, the inevitable happens- certain routes are closed and impassable due to the weather.

She was good enough to give me the green light to try different routes and she made it clear to me, she didn’t care as to the cost, just for me to try my best to complete the journey.


Gradually, street by street, I weaved in and out of road closures, generally heading in the right direction.

Eventually, after 6 hours, we arrived outside her house (this journey would normally, probably be about 1.5 hours).

During the ride, we had a good conversation about different topics and she was the model passenger. Respectful, polite, chatty.

Outside her house, she refused to exit my car and kept insisting that I go inside and rest for a few hours. there was no way that she was prepared to let me drive back to Manchester without resting. The way she demanded this of me, I had no option other than to comply.

We went inside and she made me a coffee and we just sat there and talked and talked. At one point, she got me a blanket and told me to lie down on the sofa. Within minutes, I fell asleep. Around 10 am., I woke up to find her on a single sofa doing some work on her computer. At this point, she gets up to make me a coffee and breakfast. By now, it was 11 am. The sun was out, and the snowstorms were no more. Finished breakfast and thanked her for her overwhelming hospitality as I made my way out. She hugged me and thanked me for bringing her home in such difficult circumstances.


Some people are truly AMAZING.

This lady was BLIND.

By that, I mean she was blind to the fact that I was of a different culture.

Blind to the fact that I’m an Asian.

Blind to the fact that I’m brown in colour.

Blind to the fact that my religious beliefs were different than hers.

All she could see through her honest and pure eyes, was a fellow human being.

Being an Uber driver, I have posted many opinions on this forum about passengers. Mostly bad. The way they disrespect the drivers, disrespect our cars, the way they abuse the rating system and so on and so on.

But every now and then- you meet a passenger who is a credit to society.

I just wish there were more blind people like her in this world.

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