Taking an Online Course – 5 Things to Note


Advancing technology, expanding research, the crave for deeper and higher learning with less cost, comfortable learning environment, convenience and flexibility has led to over millions signing up for Online Courses.

Regardless of  what online course you are taking or about to sign up for; either programming, business, marketing, entrepreneurship to neuroscience there are 5 things to note. A Check List!

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1.An Online Course that delivers Value for Money

There are loads of online courses from masive open and free ones to premium and expensive ones. But the most important consideration is the value for money. Even if the online course is free or a paid service, it is vital to realise maximum benefit for time and money spent.

Choosing a particular online course should be able to deliver value addition upon completion so to apply to your field of expertise or if you are looking to venture into a new profession, it serves its intended purpose.

Be sure to read what the modules of that online course with its indepth notes on the topics to be taught and over what time span. Watch the introductory videos and read the full terms and conditions before signing up.

2. Look out for Online Courses that Supports Forums/Community

The next most important thing to look our for is whether your chosen online course has a an online forum or community where “after-lecture” discussions and further explanations into grey areas are shared.

These forums and communities provide the opportunity to share notes on the taught topics and additional resources to aid better and extended understanding. Peer to peer reviews provides the opportunity for deeper learning and understanding in a much more relaxed way that the programmed lecture recorded and delivered over a time frame.

3. Flexibility for Download of Lectures for Recap

With over millions of sign ups each day, the success of most online courses is the ability to offer flexibility to their users. Before you take an online course, be sure that there is the option to be able to rewind, download and listen to missed live sessions.  The online courses that allow you to download the app and provides the option to download all the modules of the course to be able to listen offline are the ones you should sign up for. These flexibilities gets you to listen and watch missed lectures on the go!

4. Take Courses that offer Certificates Upon Completion

For most, the flexibility of online courses is an escape from attending the traditional higher learning facilities. For this they subscribe to taking short courses that would eventually sum up to a degree or higher as offered in the traditional lecture theatre models.

Taking an online course that does not guarantee any certificate as a show of completion of that particular course is one you should not pay for.  Most times, earning a degree can show ambitiousness and desire to remain informed and deliver excellence on the job.  And getting a certificate on completion of an online course helps in improving promotion at work chances.

Be certain that the online course you are signing up for has provision for Certificates upon completion of the entire course or sections of it either through the e-mail or by post.

5. Opportunities for Advanced Courses/Top Up

Another very important thing to take note is whether the online course provides advanced options after a successful completion of an introductory session. Also, check that the course guarantees updates based on current trends; modules in the course updated with the latest information making the content evergreen. In most cases, there are allied course available to widen the scope of study and expertise of the student. Others provide the opportunity to sign up for mini courses that could be summed up to be a masters or doctorate degree. These are the one ones you should look out to sign up for.


Gone through these five key notes and ready to make a pick?

Here are five of the best online course providers you should check out;

  1. Udemy
  2. Coursera
  3. EDx
  4. Shaw Academy
  5. CodeAcademy

Settled on your desired course? Be sure to use the above check list and ensure you are making the most of your time and money spent. Share your experience with us based on these five providers or any additional notes as to the check list. Spread the word; the day we die is the day we stop learning!

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