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How To Make Your Facebook or Instagram Post More Accessible

How To Make Your Facebook or Instagram Post More Accessible - Do you want your Facebook or Instagram post to reach millions of people? Looking for a quick and easy way to optimize your Facebook or Instagram post? These tips I'm about to share with you will increase the reach of your post as well as engagement. How To Make Your Facebook or Instagram Post ...

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Inactive Accounts: Twitter To Free Up Usernames In December

Owners of inactive accounts will be receiving emails from Twitter with a warning: sign in before December 11th or your account will be history and your username free for anyone to use. Any account that hasn’t signed in for more than six months will receive the email alert. “As part of our commitment to serve the public conversation, we’re working to clean up inactive accounts to ...

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So Many Decent People Are Single These Days, Why?

I’d be delighted to answer this. Do you want to know why so many decent people are single these days? From external stimuli fucking up their perception of reality! 3 of them in particular. I can explain…. Movies Choice of Options Social Media WHY DECENT PEOPLE ARE SINGLE Movies: The false reality. Well both social and movies are false reality but movies are on another ...

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Social Media 101 – Disagree To Agree

Disagreeing with people on principle without making them enemies. I suspect that if someone writes a book on that, they will be millionaires. There's this social media illusion that you have to agree with people to be friends with them. SOCIAL MEDIA 101 The hallmark of a healthy friendship is the ability to disagree on issues healthily. People need that. There should be no pressure ...

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Social Media in Sales and Marketing

There is an ever-growing role when it comes to Social Media in sales and marketing initiatives today. The use of social platforms as an add-on to your sales/marketing strategies is much more pervasive, targeted, and results-driven than ever. So how exactly do we approach the topic of social, especially as we navigate the nuances of the needs of sales teams and the role of marketing ...

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