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Keeping Your Small Business Going During Covid-19

We know most of you small business owners are finding it hard to know how to proactively manage your business during this covid-19 pandemic. We at AFROSAGES have put together a checklist to help you keep your small business going during Covid-19. How To Keep Your Small Business Going During Covid-19 Before we go on, we know this is a scary ...

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4 Ways To Increase Customers For Your Business

Retaining the existing customer base is difficult and real growth is even more difficult in times of overwhelming competition, an increasing marketplace for businesses, and significant marketing messages that are loud and unclear. A business' growth capability consists of four key components. These include Customer Focus, Creative Marketing, Adaptation and Innovation, and your Team. AFROSAGES will break down these components for you in order to ...

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What Are The Most Valuable Business Lessons You’ve Learned?

When you set out to become an entrepreneur, nobody can prepare you for what you’re about to experience. Building a business takes practice, patience, persistence, and a whole lot more, many of which you can’t learn until you’re standing in the fire. Business Lessons As a successful entrepreneur, I want to shed some light on the lessons most have to learn the hard way — and help you move through ...

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10 Small Business Documents You Must Keep as Hard Copy

A business exists under its documentation. A business is just an idea in the head of the owner without proper records, registration, permits and other legal documents. Having registered business documents in the right places as hard copy makes the business a real entity. READ ALSO - 5 Tips To Help You Scale Up Your Business Successfully Here are 10 hard copy business documents you ...

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5 Ways to Advertise Your Business for Under GHC300

Because of limited budget, most small businesses do little or no advertisement, which is no fault of theirs. To advertise your business, there are some solid cheap advertising ideas out there that are more effective than you’d think? And most importantly they can be done for just under GHC 300.00. Ways To Advertise Your Business Under GHC 300.00 Business Cards As far as the design ...

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