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3 Reasons Why You’re Making ZERO Sales On Social Media

3 Reasons Why You’re Making ZERO Sales On Social Media - You've been wondering why you're making zero sales on social media. It may boil down to these 3 (three) reasons; 3 Reasons Why You're Making Zero Sales On Social Media 1. Your content (posts and tweets) has no structure 2. You’re either asking for the sale too often or you don’t know how to ...

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5 Reasons Doing Marketing Online With a Funnel Strategy Is Still Valid

My good friend Sefa asked me if marketing online with a sales funnel is still valid as of today. And these are the 5 reasons i believe its still valid. MARKETING ONLINE WITH A SALES FUNNEL 1. Consumers Are Sophisticated Consumers are more sophisticated than ever before. They do their homework. The take the time to identify their options. And they purchase from businesses they ...

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Social Media in Sales and Marketing

There is an ever-growing role when it comes to Social Media in sales and marketing initiatives today. The use of social platforms as an add-on to your sales/marketing strategies is much more pervasive, targeted, and results-driven than ever. So how exactly do we approach the topic of social, especially as we navigate the nuances of the needs of sales teams and the role of marketing ...

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