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The 5 Types Of Love Languages

Types Of Love Languages - Love is intentional. It is not that butterflies in your belly feeling. It is committment to always INTENTIONALLY speak your partner's love language. It takes work and planning, sometimes its stressful or stupid because your own language is different. But you do it regardless. There are five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and ...

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So Many Decent People Are Single These Days, Why?

I’d be delighted to answer this. Do you want to know why so many decent people are single these days? From external stimuli fucking up their perception of reality! 3 of them in particular. I can explain…. Movies Choice of Options Social Media WHY DECENT PEOPLE ARE SINGLE Movies: The false reality. Well both social and movies are false reality but movies are on another ...

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Can Someone Truly Love You And Still Let You Go?

Yes, definitely Yes! I blocked myself from the one I truly love with all my heart and stayed out of her life for I want her to be happy and not sad or guilty any day. Back then, I used to go out of my way to love her. Now, I went out of her way and life to love her even more. When I ...

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Friendship Is What Brings Richness To Life

People do due diligence for business deals but fail to apply the same level of rigor to friendship or relationships, where character matters more. Get the facts, give enough time to test for character, form true friendship to help modulate one another and to build trust. I have come to the sad conclusion that our wiring in Ghana de-emphasize friendship, even in relationships. We don't ...

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After He Cheated, Our Relationship Was Never The Same

I haven’t shared with anyone aside from my therapist, and it was hard to tell her. I have been married for 10 years. When my husband and I were dating for five years, he had taken a work assignment in another state for 1 year, the distance was hard and because I had thought we would be getting engaged by that point, I was ready ...

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Don’t Break People’s Trust

A few years ago, I knew a girl. She was paranoid constantly, worrying about whether or not her boyfriend of a few months was out with another girl or thinking about someone else. I knew both of them, and I knew that he had not given her motives to be jealous or to not have trust in him, but some people don’t need external reasons ...

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The “I’m Done” Moment In My Last Relationship

The “I'm done” moment I am thinking of wasn't my last relationship but is was my marriage. The ex has made quite a living hell out of the lives of her daughter and mine at the moment and I think it stems from her idea that I am a cheating bastard who should be stoned to death. While cheating is not a good thing to ...

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What Hurts A Marriage More Than Infidelity?

A friend asked me "What hurts a marriage more than infidelity?" I told him, sexlessness! What Hurts A Marriage More Than Infidelity? I’m a 32 years old and been married for 10 years. For this whole 10 years we have not been intimate even for once. We haven't kissed or cuddled either. We met when i was dealing with a break up and after few ...

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6 Relationship Mistakes I Will Never Make Again

Have you ever been in a relationship or just gotten out of one that left you full of regrets? I have been in a few and i have to tell you, I've learnt valuable lessons from them. Here are 6 relationship mistakes I'll never make again: READ ALSO - I Had Sex With His Wife Whiles He Watched 6 RELATIONSHIP MISTAKES 1. Ignoring red flags. ...

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Married For 4 Years, Still A Virgin

When I was in college and lost my mom to stroke, I made a friend online. Soon we became best friends. One day I casually told him about a crush I had on someone. This was the time when he realised he had feelings for me and couldn’t let go of me. He proposed but I told him I really don’t have romantic feelings for ...

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