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Sacrifices Made In Marriage

When it comes to sacrifices made in marriage, I don't think we men deserve to be on the same seat with women. A beg! When it comes to sacrifices made in marriage, women wear the crown Women put their entire life on the line for marriage; pregnancy, childbirth, career, domestic duties etc. We men do our best, we provide. But the ...

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Love Is A Drug!

Love is a drug. This is why people always make bad decisions when they are in love, as it is with any other drug. It alters the chemical makeup of the brain to be with a lover. But that feeling doesn't last forever and your brain won't always pump you full of the same feel good chemicals. Love Is A Drug ...

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A Wise Man Once Told Me…

A wise man once told me, cheating does not make you a bad husband so far as you don't let it affect your family. Loving your wife has nothing to do with having sex with another woman. I told him it didn't make sense to me. He said don't worry. Life will teach you.Life has not come around to that lesson for me yet. But ...

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10 Things To Know Before Embarking On a Long Term Relationship/Marriage

A friend asked me, what is something you wish people would tell you before embarking on a long term relationship or marriage? MARRIAGE Here are my top 10 that would have made our marriage easier. But I guess we figured it out. 1. Sex isn’t perfect. Sometimes you get it right. Sometimes, well, you learn. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes you’re too exhausted. And when you ...

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Married For 4 Years, Still A Virgin

When I was in college and lost my mom to stroke, I made a friend online. Soon we became best friends. One day I casually told him about a crush I had on someone. This was the time when he realised he had feelings for me and couldn’t let go of me. He proposed but I told him I really don’t have romantic feelings for ...

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