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5 Reasons Doing Marketing Online With a Funnel Strategy Is Still Valid

My good friend Sefa asked me if marketing online with a sales funnel is still valid as of today. And these are the 5 reasons i believe its still valid. MARKETING ONLINE WITH A SALES FUNNEL 1. Consumers Are Sophisticated Consumers are more sophisticated than ever before. They do their homework. The take the time […]

Social Media Marketing Is No Longer Enough for Your Business

Have you noticed that the use of Facebook marketing and advertising in general is declining? Of course, it is still being used, but it is becoming harder, harder and more expensive. Twitter is also on the decline. More and more people are looking at LinkedIn, Instagram is way up – especially Instagram stories. YouTube is […]

4 Smart Offline Marketing Strategies for Startups Practice Now!

In this technologically advanced era, there is a paradigm shift from offline marketing to online marketing and advertising to project businesses. These online tools are effective when well-crafted and thought out, however, that does not render the offline tools dud either. In reality, offline tools are time-tested and reliable. Startups do not have a lot […]

8 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

By definition, a small business is any company that employs fewer than 500 employees. While this makes for quite a broad pool of organizations, most small businesses are significantly smaller than this, employing no more than a few dozen employees at most. In fact, firms with under 100 employees make up the majority of small […]

5 Trends To Improving Your Social Media Marketing

Here are 5 social media trends you should pay attention to in boosting your marketing strategy and putting your brand on top. You are likely losing out a huge opportunity to create conversions, build your email list and improve your lead generation. Reasons are that you are not researching current and future social media trends […]

Social Media in Sales and Marketing

There is an ever-growing role when it comes to Social Media in sales and marketing initiatives today. The use of social platforms as an add-on to your sales/marketing strategies is much more pervasive, targeted, and results-driven than ever. So how exactly do we approach the topic of social, especially as we navigate the nuances of […]

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