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WhatsApp Marketing – 5 Ways To Use It Effectively

WhatsApp Marketing is the practice of using the free messenger app called WhatsApp as an advertising tool. Did you know that WhatsApp is the largest messaging application? It has 1.5 billion uses globally and small businesses have been using it as part of their marketing and communications solutions. WhatsApp has SnapChat like functionalities and the Status feature can be used by business to market and ...

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Difference Between Owned, Earned and Paid Media

Owned Media, Earned Media and Paid Media wouldn't be new to you if you work with a marketing agency or if you're a marketer. But if you're a small business owner, these terms wouldn't be familiar with you. No matter the size of your business, these concepts are essential to your marketing strategy. AFROSAGES will tell you what it is about and we'll also teach ...

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