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His “Thank You” Was Genuine And Heartfelt

One night, before I was married, I stopped at a Chinese restaurant to get dinner for my fiance and me. As I got out of the car, I looked across the street and all the way on the other side, there was a homeless man digging into a garbage can. My heart sank. I couldn't stomach that this guy was going to have to eat ...

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My Happiest Memory Unfortunately Is Also My Most Painful.

The girl I had been dating for many years got pregnant; my happiest memory, she confessed to me she had sex with two other guys without protection; my most painful day at the same time. She had always been on the pill but ran out and was irresponsible about getting it refilled. She did not tell any of us three, and so all of a ...

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The Mistake That Saved My Life

Few years back, a couple of us decided we're going to the coast, a summer vacation. We live in Zagreb, Croatia and we had a 400km trip ahead of us. I overslept, that was my mistake. The guys I was suppose to go with were all my kindergarten/junior high/high school friends. We've known each other ever since we were 5. Those were the people I ...

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