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Life Boat Operators hail Tema Port Security Chiefs

Accra, Feb 28, GNA - Life boat operators plying at the Tema Port have praised the heads of security at the port, after the Security Chiefs undertook a sensitisation tour of the Port to alert the operators to the dangers of the coronavirus infections. According to the operators, the tour was an eye-opener for them and helped to reinforce knowledge that they already had ...

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Don’t Break! Break The Chain Instead

Don't Break! Break The Chain Instead - If you're a Ghanaian from an average family that graduated from a public university with no connection with influencial people in this society, and have decided to be successful without doing anything illegal/criminal. Your road to success will be very difficult to thread. You'll find it difficult to get a job, you'll find it difficult to raise capital ...

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What Did You Learn Too Late In Life?

Better late than never they said, so even though i learned these stuff too late in life, i'm still happy. READ ALSO - The Mistake That Saved My Life. 1. Social media is toxic (especially Instagram), it makes your time wasted by watching someone else’s fake life. It lowers your self esteem. 2. Life is not fair. Some people are luckier than you. You did ...

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Here Are The 25 Lessons I Wish I Had Learned Before 25

I turned 30 only a few months ago. And I can’t believe I just wrote that…Looking back on my 20’s, there are countless lessons that I wish I could have learned that would have saved me years of pain, heartache, and frustration. 25 LESSONS 1. Be Self Reliant: Learn to help yourself and go after what you want without the approval or aid of others. There is where ...

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Do You Live To Work or Do You Work To Live?

Everyone will answer this question different, "Do you live to work or do you work to live? I think Nick Offerman put this best when he said this: “It’s so sad that so much of our society says ‘Man, Thank God it’s Friday!’. Thank God 5 of the 7 days of my life are f*cking over, because I hate 5/7ths of my life. Now I’m ...

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11 Things You Realize When You Get Matured

When you're growing up, there are certain things you stop doing and certain habits you drop along the way. Sometimes there are certain friends you let go, you're getting matured. READ ALSO - To Ensure That A Good Kiss Occurs, Do These 5 Things There are also certian things you realize when you get matured and below are some of those things. They might differ ...

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