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Life Lessons from Elton

I have a friend called Elton. Elton has a quality I admire very much but which I know "can never be me". Wherever Elton goes, whoever Elton meets. Elton is able to strike up a conversation. From these, I picked up Life Lessons from Elton. It doesn't matter who the person is or under what conditions Elton finds himself. He's able to start some kind ...

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20 Important Things Life Has Taught Me

After spending three decades on earth and still counting by the grace of God Almighty, I can say life has taught me lessons; valuable lessons which will be a guiding principle as i live the remaining six decades (yes I'll die at age 91, its an agreement between God and myself). Here are the 20 important things life has taught me. 20 IMPORTANT THINGS LIFE ...

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What Are Some Of The Dark Lessons That Life Showed You?

The same friends that are close to you will be the same friends that will stab you in the back. You call them family but in reality they are the ones that secretly pray for your downfall. Don't love everyone too deeply. Some people just don't deserve that level of VIP service. If you don't save yourself, nobody else will. You can't expect to be rescued if you deliberately ...

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Food For Thought!

Here is something touching on being content and decoupling what you have from your sense of who you are. FOOD FOR THOUGHT So here is the dilemma a lot of people face. They haven't been able to decouple what they possess from how they view themselves. The danger in that, (seemingly obvious), is that your material things change. l - for better or for worse. ...

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