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6 Ways To Tell If An Instagram Account Is Fake

How can you tell if an Instagram account is fake? Have you ever come across an Instagram account and wondered how that account got that many followers? Don’t overthink it because the answer just might have to do with fake accounts. There are many reasons why someone might make a fake Instagram account. Some people create fake accounts to catfish others. People also create fake accounts so that […]

What Is Your Experience On Instagram DMs Marketing?

Instagram DMs is a powerful feature to do direct marketing on Instagram. Although, some Instagrammers use it like Whatsapp or Telegram for chatting, its main goal is to share interesting content and be in direct touch with friends or fans (customers). INSTAGRAM DMs I use it and suggest it to my customers, as an adviser, […]

Social Media Post Frequency: Relevant?

How often should businesses post on social media is one of the most frequently asked questions? The brief answer: Social media success is not a magic formula. How often you post will depend on your audience’s platforms, schedules and the content you post. It doesn’t matter if you posting irrelevant once a day or thousands […]

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