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Incredible Zigi joins the Africa Alliance Against Coronavirus dubbed INFORAFRICA

Incredible Zigi joins the Africa Alliance Against Coronavirus dubbed INFORAFRICA - INFORAFRICA a campaign that engaged with hundreds of opinion leaders, celebrities and influencers to deliver preventive and lifesaving messages across the continent found Ghana's dance export to the world a worthy ally. Incredible Zigi joins the Africa Alliance Against Coronavirus dubbed INFORAFRICA According to INFORAFRICA, "IN ADDITION TO THE GLOBAL ...

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Incredible Zigi wows Fellow Choreographers at AFRONATION

The sensational afro dancer, Incredible Zigi at the wrap up of training sessions for dancers on the maiden AFRONATION Ghana experience blew away his fellow choreographers and dancers with stunning and new moves. Incredible Zigi at afronation The ace choreographer was given the opportunity to say a few words of citation for his experience with the maiden AFRONATION  stage mounted in Accra, Ghana as part ...

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Incredible Zigi outdoors Ena Dance Step

Leader of the AFROZIG Dance Movement, Incredible Zigi has created and outdoored a new dance step he calls Ena. 'Ena'; a popularly used Akan language conjunction which translates to English as "and". Ghanaians always tell tales and puts a twist to their stories with "Ena". This makes the narratives more juicy and interesting and this is what Incredible Zigi Dance crew, the AFROZIG laid out. ...

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Talented Choreographer Incredible Zigi Wins Best Dancer at the 2019 Fashion and Lifestyle Awards

The people's choice dancer and top choreographer, Incredible Zigi, was the big winner at the Fashion and Lifestyle Awards 2019 crowned Dancer of the Year. His activities in the year 2018 and 2019 coupled with “Kupe” and "Pilolo" Dance creation to his credit as well as his AFROZIG Movement made him stand tall to outwit the other contenders. Incredible Zigi at the Fashion and Lifestyle Awards 2019 was ...

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Incredible Zigi honoured Influential Dancer of the Year 2019

Incredible Zigi, the ace Ghanaian Choreographer has been honoured at the Tema Entertainment Awards as the best 'Influential Dancer of the Year' 2019. Incredible Zigi Zigi as he is popularly known has not only been on the dancing scene but also puts in a social mandate to lift others up with his AFROZIG Movement which empowers, inspires and focused on providing opportunities for street dancers ...

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Incredible Zigi featured on Fun Workshop Experience With Donflexx-#FWEWD

Incredible Zigi, the creator of the "Kupe" and "Pilolo" dances and Leader of the AFROZIG Movement got featured on the enviable "Fun Workshop Experience With Donflexx" in Lagos dubbed #FWEWD. Incredible Zigi billed for #FWEWD The workshop, centered around dancing held on 14th of December at the Bodyline Fitness Studio 6, Bank Road, Ikoyi from 9am to 5pm. https://youtu.be/OsJkxt_9rgI Donflexx on the Move | afrosages.com ...

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Incredible Zigi Dance Videos 2019

As far as afro dancers work their feet and hands to give you a body move that wows, Incredible Zigi is simply a double barrelled gun.If you are a fan of afro dances then you must be enthused about the works of the maestro; the Incredible Zigi and against that backdrop afrosages.com presents you the Incredible Zigi Dance Videos 2019 Edition. He's got one of ...

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Ghanaian Choreographer; Incredible Zigi’s ‘Kupe’ Dance Featured In NBA 2K20

Incredible Zigi's "Kupe"dance featured in NBA 2K20 game. Incredible Zigi's viral dance "Kupe" has been featured in the basketball sports simulation video game NBA 2K20. After being featured in a song, Zigi's "Kupe" isn't slowing down after the developers of the game, Visual Concepts put the viral dance in the MyCareer Mode (Dance and Celebration) section of the game. Watch the video below https://youtu.be/2VI82Fsd_14 Subscribe ...

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AFROZIG – The Movement Empowering Street Dancers across Ghana and Africa

The AFROZIG; dance movement led by the iconic Incredible Zigi aimed at empowering, inspiring and providing opportunities for street dancers in Ghana and Africa. The "Pilolo" and "Kupe" dance creator relates with this movement as this is how his own career kick started; a street dancer. https://www.instagram.com/p/BXM3Ai6nqon/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Dancing has evolved over the years and it is lucrative in many interesting ways ‒ public relations and ...

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Incredible Zigi; The Pilolo, Kupe Dance Creator and The Leader of the AFROZIG

If you love social media challenges then you'd have come across the "Pilolo" and "Kupe" dance challenges. AFROSAGES presents you Michael Amofa popularly known as Incredible Zigi, the creator of these dances and the Leader of the AFROZIG Movement. AFROSAGES Interviews the Incredible Zigi AFROSAGES: Welcome to our studio Zigi. ZIGI: Thanks for having me. Let's do this! AFROSAGES: Who is Incredible Zigi? ZIGI: Government ...

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