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Reality Is Perception

Reality Is Perception - I met a guy on Tinder. Yes, just one guy. You will soon understand why. Reality Is Perception Prior to our date, we chatted via text as many Tinderians do before meeting. I told him that I was studying to become a psychologist. He asked, “Are you going to analyze me?” First turn-off. I told him bluntly that I hate when ...

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I Dropped The Hints And He Didn’t Get It

Yes I dropped the hints and he was just clueless, and it happened just last week. I was food shopping at my local grocery store and on a couple of occasions, I will run into a guy that I had a HUGE crush on when I was in Junior High School (as it was called back then). The first time I saw Jim, was during ...

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So Many Decent People Are Single These Days, Why?

I’d be delighted to answer this. Do you want to know why so many decent people are single these days? From external stimuli fucking up their perception of reality! 3 of them in particular. I can explain…. Movies Choice of Options Social Media WHY DECENT PEOPLE ARE SINGLE Movies: The false reality. Well both social and movies are false reality but movies are on another ...

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10 Kind Of Men Who Succeed With Women

Do you know that the men who succeed with women have the art of charm? Relax and learn some simple ways that can help increase your chances of succeeding with that lady. 10 Kind Of Men Who Succeed With Women 1. Confidence Confident men. Confidence comes from properly controlling and/or taming your unhealthy desires aka “self-control”. Self-control is a tool to get what you want ...

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Cancelling A Date – 7 Texts You Can Use

Every one has a reason/s why he or she will cancel a date. Probably something came up at work or home, maybe you are not feeling well. It could be that you're just not feeling it anymore. No matter the reason, you should relay that information to your date and the best way to do that is by sending a text. The type of text ...

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