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Walk like Christ

Walk like Christ - The tag of a Christian is one with the recognition that whatsoever Christ Jesus stands is what you are living. A copy of an item is without deviations from what the original item is, we ought to be photocopies of Christ thus, if there are things Christ would not do then it’s not expected for us to also do. 'He that saith ...

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Take up your Cross DAILY and Follow

Take up your Cross Daily and Follow- Let no one mislead you, neither should you be confused either; know that as a Christian you are required to judiciously and religious take up your cross daily, and follow Christ. The Walk with Christ is not to be taken as a once I'm repented, the rest is for me to be sleep. Christianity is not a call ...

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Trust the Discipline of the LORD

Trust the Discipline of the LORD - We love to do things our way, just to mean that we want to be our own man. Does that mean we know what is best for us and the Creator doesn't know or His timings doesn't work for us. One thing is for certain, the discipline of the LORD is enough to set the course of a ...

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Be Thankful Oh Ye Redeemed of the Lord

Be Thankful Oh Ye Redeemed of the Lord - Count your blessings from birth till date and surely, there must be at least one thing if not each blessed day the LORD has redeemed you from the clutches of the enemy for which you can be thankful to HIM. In everything you have seen, suffered and lived through, the least you can do is to be ...

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Sing Praises to God Always

Sing Praises to God Always - It is a new day and you may or may not have much to account for, however, one thing is certain, you and I both have breathe, something to look to the next second and await the miracles of God. Whiles in wait, I urge you to sing praises to God and do it always. 'Sing to the Lord ...

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What does being born again mean to you?

What does being born again mean to you? - I know you are a Christian and  pride yourself in attending church every service time without missing out. But, how has these times spent in the house of God translate into living the Good News you hear each time? Are you just adding up to the Christian population as a head count or the tag as ...

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Do you truly Believe in Jesus Christ?

Do you truly Believe in Jesus Christ? - To Believe is to be in a present continuous state of acceptance; Faith is the noun! Can what you hold for Jesus Christ be called faith; do you believe? To believe in Jesus Christ is to mean that you have faith continually in Him and unwavering, unchanging and undoubtedly; most importantly to do as He says and ...

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Consider your ways and Put God First

Consider your ways and Put God First - Man lives in abundance yet finds it difficult to do the little things for God or His House or His People. What kind of man are you? Everyone is rich and has abundance in something no matter how wealthy or wretched they may appear. "We are all rich in one way or the other. Some are rich ...

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Guard your Faith

Guard your Faith - Dear old or new convert in Christ, how have you kept the good news you have been taught? Has the faith in what you heard and got converted to washed by the old self or guarding it with the help of the Holy Spirit. 'Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit ...

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God restores the Crushed Spirit

God restores the Crushed Spirit - Money solves everything? Make no mistakes, money cannot restore the broken-hearted or one whose spirit is crushed. Except the WORD of GOD. 'The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. ' Psalms 34:18 The LORD through His Spirit filled WORD can reset everything. Nothing happens outside the word of God, because the ...

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Set up your Mind as a Conqueror‬‬

Set up your Mind as a Conqueror‬‬ ~In Christ, we are not without trials and tribulations therefore set up your minds as a conqueror and work towards it. . Yes, even in the body of Christ we came as separate entities to be united. The Blood of Christ is the only thing Christ had as payment for the the bill for our separate sins, ...

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Walk the Talk oh ye Christian

Walk the Talk oh ye Christian - Oh ye Christian, one too many sermons have you soaked, many more have you told "I am a Christian!" But are you walking that Talk? Read below and give it another chance to living righteous in the Will of God. 'For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light ...

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