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Content Marketing That Sells

Content Marketing That Sells - Content marketing is the gold rush in the 21st century. Startups, companies and even bloggers are getting massive ROIs from their content marketing strategies. Content Marketing That Sells This success is based on developing and implementing an effective content marketing that sells. AFROSAGES will share with you the types of content to create at every stage ...

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2020 Social Media Content Calendar That Will Generate Sales

Sell anything on Social Media? Then you understand how hard it can be creating content that attracts potential clients who are ready to become PAYING customers. Learn how to Easily Implement the 2020 Social Media Content Calendar That'll Generate Sales In any Business Let’s begin. If we were to breakdown the entire year in terms of number of weeks, there are 52 weeks in a ...

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Best Tips For Building Content Marketing

Best Tips For Building Content Marketing - Starting off with the right foot is a huge part of your content marketing strategy, so this is a great question! Best Tips For Building Content Marketing As you may know already, there are incredible advantages of social content marketing, some of them include increasing in web traffic and gaining customer trust, to only mention a few. To ...

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35 Content Marketing Tools For Beginners

Looking for ways to improve the marketing strategy of your content? Would you like to know the content marketing tools that your small business can use to grow? We at AFROSAGES share with you 35 content marketing tools we use. We group them into the following categories; Content researchContent organizationContent creationContent promotionContent marketing analytics CONTENT RESEARCH Trust, Authority and Influence; features of successful content that ...

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Why Is Content So Important For SEO?

SEO is actually all about content marketing. And since content writing is indispensable to any genuine content marketing effort, we can safely say that SEO is actually all about content writing. How come? I’m describing that below. SEO CONTENT 1. SEO Needs Strategic Usage Of Keywords And Search Terms Although big advances have been made in terms of ranking web pages and blog posts according ...

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