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Top 10 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Top 10 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make - You have decided to take that bold step to start out as an entrepreneur, AFROSAGES says ayekoo. We can tell you for a fact that entrepreneurship is equal to learning. Don't be fooled by the overnight success stories of others. You will make mistakes along the way. We're saving you the trouble of having to experience the mistakes ...

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Is Outsourcing Important When Running Your Own Business?

That really depends. Sure, it is good to outsource. Not all the businesses are completely equipped to deal with all the small parts. So yes, outsourcing can be a very good idea. However, before you do that, there are several things to consider: 1. Which Part? You must decide which part of your business you would like to outsource. Most of the times, we outsource the ...

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What Are The Most Valuable Business Lessons You’ve Learned?

When you set out to become an entrepreneur, nobody can prepare you for what you’re about to experience. Building a business takes practice, patience, persistence, and a whole lot more, many of which you can’t learn until you’re standing in the fire. Business Lessons As a successful entrepreneur, I want to shed some light on the lessons most have to learn the hard way — and help you move through ...

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What Is The Biggest Inhibitor Of Success?

“I know, I know … ,” my friend Peter said. “What do you mean you know if I haven’t even explained how the strategy works?” I insisted. The more I tried to talk to Peter, the more defensive he got. “Listen to me, Peter,” I persisted. “I can help you brainstorm solutions to this problem.” “No, no, Hector, I got it, I got it,” said Peter rejecting my help. ...

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5 Tips To Help You Scale Up Your Business Successfully

To start a business is easy but scaling it to the next level is the main deal. You are not alone in this predicament, thankfully there is a solution. Many great ventures have failed because they didn't do the needful that will help them scale successfully. 5 Causes of Small Business Failures Enjoy The Journey As an entrepreneur it’s important that you enjoy the journey ...

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