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The Basics Of Branding

Branding is the emotional response or feeling evoked when an individual hears/sees your image, which in turn is the consequence of the complete sum of all the experiences of that individual, both positive and negative. “The art of differentiation.” – David Brier BASICS OF BRANDING Branding is a long term initiative that takes time. For […]

How Do You Create An Instantly Recognizable Brand?

A brand is always instantly recognizable — by definition, a brand is a shortcut in your customers’ heads. This shortcut is triggered by a brand name, a logo, or any other element of the brand’s identity. What you’re really asking is “How do you create a brand that is instantly recognizable by millions of people?” […]

Social Media: an Important Tool for your Career?

Do you consider Social Media an Important Tool for Career Success? Everyone remembers MySpace; A platform where teenagers wasted their time and shared fluff. Then BOOOOM it got serious. I mean social media got serious. Facebook developed a way to make itself attractive to major brands and start-ups. Twitter became the place where influencers made the difference and reached a […]

What Social Media Marketing Can

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for businesses. However, you need to know what you can and can’t accomplish via this platform. 1. Increase The Awareness Of Your Business You can reach out to potential consumers through your social media pages. This could contribute to a rise in sales. By using […]

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