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The Basics Of Branding

Branding is the emotional response or feeling evoked when an individual hears/sees your image, which in turn is the consequence of the complete sum of all the experiences of that individual, both positive and negative. “The art of differentiation.” – David Brier BASICS OF BRANDING Branding is a long term initiative that takes time. For […]

How Do You Create An Instantly Recognizable Brand?

A brand is always instantly recognizable — by definition, a brand is a shortcut in your customers’ heads. This shortcut is triggered by a brand name, a logo, or any other element of the brand’s identity. What you’re really asking is “How do you create a brand that is instantly recognizable by millions of people?” […]

Social Media Marketing Strategy: How To Get Started

Do you need a Social Media Marketing Strategy for your Business? Yes, and you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that social media has become an important and necessary strategy within most digital marketing space. Social media helps build brand awareness and also provides a platform for brands to engage with their audience […]

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