Sunday Wisdom

Sunday Wisdom!

What’s the difference between intelligence and wisdom? Personally, I associate intelligence not only in using knowledge to find solutions to difficult issues, but also in the ability to abstract thinking and understanding complex issues.

Wisdom, on the other side, seems completely different from all what intelligence stands for. It is much more intuitive, rather than based on pure logic as intelligence mostly is.


You work in church but you’re less creative, less prosperous and less relevant than you were before. Something is deeply wrong. If you sacrifice prosperity to work in an NGO for a cause, you shouldn’t also sacrifice your brain and purpose too.

God NEVER owes and when it comes to EARTHLY rewards, there’s always a TIME FRAME. Stop delaying your future. Sit down and have a business meeting with God. You and him. Ask him about the reward for your faithfulness and what his plans are for your life.

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When you work for God, he rarely gives you money. What he gives are WISDOM and ACCESS. You need to turn the wisdom and opportunity into products that will bring money. If you keep waiting for miraculous money to fall on you, you will remain poor.

Sunday Wisdom
Sunday Wisdom (Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay)

So, the reason why many tithers never break the cycle of poverty, is because they keep waiting for money to rain down from heaven. Many times, God takes your seed and transforms it into wisdom and opportunity. But, some fail to do the hard work of turning them into products.

One day, you’ll realise why it’s important to educate yourself and to build skills. Even if God gave you a million Dollar idea, without skill and knowledge, you won’t know what to do with the idea.

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Another thing is people expect to reap WHERE they sow. God is not predictable. Sometimes, your reward will come from somewhere else entirely. Lift your eyes, and look beyond your present context.

Kindly share with someone who needs this. I am, however, not perfect and all-knowing, which is why I would like to invite you to share your wisdom in the comment section below.

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